Stadia Pro will not work as "Netflix for games"

Stadia Pro will not work like "Netflix for games"

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Stadia Pro, the paid service package of the Google Stadia platform will not be "Netflix for games", but will be like Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus.

In the recent Q&A (AMA) on Reddit, Andrey Doronichev, product manager for Google Stadia, answered questions about free games in the monthly package of this cloud gaming platform.

He said Stadia Pro Should not be called "Netflix for game" because this will cause confusion for users. More precisely, this service pack is more similar to the Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus.

With package Stadia Pro, users will be able to stream 4K / HDR images, 5.1 audio, special promotions and get free games – maybe one game per month, starting with Destiny 2.

This Google Stadia service package will cost $ 9.99 per month but you will have to pay to be able to own the new game. However, Stadia's website describes the package Stadia Pro will "open access to an ever-growing game library at no extra cost" that is misleading for many people.

Doronichev further explained that Stadia Base will give you free access to the most advanced gaming machines in Google's data center, but you have to spend money to buy the games you want.

Similar to PlayStation Plus, you will be able to play all the games that are distributed for free only if you maintain a monthly subscription plan.

Google thinks this will be the destination of the future, because you will not need to own any console or PC to play the game anymore. This platform will also help you eliminate cumbersome fees when constantly updating your device's hardware or wasting time waiting for the game to download and developers won't have to worry about compressing the game to the hard disk. half.

In just a few months, until the official launch date, Google Stadia still seems to have trouble explaining the model and how it works for consumers to see the potential of the translation platform. this case.

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