SSuite UltraCamVP: Communicate video and audio with other computers on your network

SSuite UltraCamVP: Communicate video and audio with other computers on your network

The SSuite UltraCam Video Phone was designed as a communication application for Windows without requiring a server for use on any LAN or Wi-Fi network. It is also able to establish a private and secure peer-to-peer contact that will improve network communications, business productivity, and saw-to-friends relationships. It also has a file transfer gateway for sending and receiving any file or document while communicating in real time. It is perhaps the ideal application for networking in companies, home networks, college or where needed.

Because this application runs on DirectX code, it is extremely fast. So now you will never have any compatibility or codec availability problems. DirectX will sort everything by itself. The higher the version of DirectX you have on your system, the better it will run. This means that it is optimized and works best on multi-core processors.

No knowledge of computers is required to install and use this software. Thanks to its standard interface, its configuration is straightforward and requires no server or hardware configuration. Just install the software on all computers and the program is ready to use. There is no Internet connection required to use and run this application.


1. The application is quite simple to use and before moving on, let’s look at some basic features and settings. After you have installed the app run it and first set up your camcorder. To do this, select Video Settings find your camera and choose the video pixel format that is right for you. You may need to specify something other than what you see in the image for the camera to function properly.

2. Now (optionally) enter the names and ip of your co-workers or friends on the network so you can call them right away.

3. I should note that when someone calls you you will see the relevant message on the screen of the application, however, because the application does not have a ready sound so that
 listening when they call you gives you the ability to add whatever sound you want. To do this, click the gear in the application menu and from Ring Tone select a ringtone stored on your computer.

4. Finally, to call someone from your network, simply type in the ip of your computer that you have listed in the address book. From then on, the other person needs to click on the left icon of the phone in the application menu to answer your call. Finally, clicking the icon below to close or open your computer’s camera.

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