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SSD is getting cheaper and cheaper, HDD will be the technology of the old period?

Over the past decade, solid state drive (SSD) technology has been developing. According to market researchers’ analysis, SSDs still cost more per gigabyte of storage than HDDs at the moment, but SSDs will become more efficient in both performance and cost at some point. Purchase and use compared to HDD.

According to the chart below, the operating cost of SSD storage systems has been cheaper than HDD since 2012, and since 2014, the cost of buying SSDs has been lower than that of HDDs.

In terms of performance, SSDs are 5 times stronger than HDDs. This shows that the time will come, will all switch to SSD and HDD will be the technology of the old era?

Not sure.

Currently, HDD sales are declining however, this does not mean that the HDD will be wiped out in the near future. HDDs will still have land to live in places where hard drives are both cheap and have a huge capacity like the business market, datacenter … This is the potential market of HDD, not individual consumers.


SSD can meet all the needs of users on a high-speed hard drive to install the computer operating system, save high-speed working files, install game load for fast … The data can be saved. Store on a portable hard drive, USB drive, or on cloud server. So, for users, they will not choose to buy a hard drive to save files for money?

But for businesses, they need large-capacity HDDs to translate the video quality of security cameras to HD or 4K, and cloud servers. In addition to the trend of using IoT devices, the trend of big data analysis makes the demand for hard drive capacity as much as possible of the business.

Demand for high capacity HDDs will increase in April 2019

According to Gartner’s prediction, the demand for high capacity HDDs of businesses will increase in April 2019.

Toshiba also agrees with this view and said that in 2019 90% of the total data stored on their cloud servers is in the HDD, while the SSD accounts for only 10%.

According to Western Digital, the group sells 500 petabytes of HDD each year to businesses, while SSDs are only about 68 PB.

USD / GB price of SSD is 13 to 15 cents / 1GB

Currently, the price USD / GB of SSD is 13 to 15 cents / 1GB, while HDD is 1.8 cents / 1GB of storage, cost 8 times higher. Therefore, if you want to completely replace the HDD, the USD / GB price of the SSD must be even lower than the new HDD to attract the attention of companies operating in the field of datacenter.

Therefore, in the near future HDD hard drives still live in the datacenter for daily work and entertainment of users, not in home computer devices.

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