Sputnik V vaccine extends coverage to the US 'backyard'

Sputnik V vaccine extends coverage to the US ‘backyard’

On April 20, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) announced that it had signed an agreement with the pharmaceutical group Richmond of Argentina on the technology transfer to mass produce Sputnik Vaccine against COVID-19 of Russia in the country. This South American family.

With this agreement, Argentina becomes the first country in Latin America to produce Sputnik V vaccines, said RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev.

According to Richmond Group Chairman Marcelo Figueiras, this unit will start mass production of Sputnik V vaccine from June to with an expected capacity of about 1 million doses / month in the first year until the inauguration of a home. the new machine, where capacity can be reached up to 5 million doses per month.

Meanwhile, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez rated the deal as a great opportunity to advance the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic not only in Argentina but also in Latin America.

Richmond Group received technical and financial support from the Ministry of Production Development of Argentina with a credit of nearly 30 million pesos (about 300,000 USD).

In December 2020, Argentina was also the first Latin America to allow registration and licensing of Sputnik V vaccine upon receiving the first 300,000 doses to launch the vaccination program. To date this country has bought nearly 8 million doses of this vaccine from Russia.

Vaccine Sputnik V started out, but was 'behind' My
Vaccine Sputnik V from Russia.

Currently, the Sputnik V vaccine has been licensed for use in 10 Latin America and the Caribbean, and the production of this vaccine in Argentina will facilitate product deliveries to Russian partners in the region.

According to the announcement, the Richmond Pharmaceutical group produced the first batch of 21,000 doses and was sent for quality control at the Gamaleya Center for Microbiology and Epidemiology in Russia, where the cytoskeletal study is located. make this vaccine.

In Europe, on April 14, Russia also announced the start of production of the Sputnik V vaccine in Serbia.

Before that, only Russia and Belarus produced this vaccine in Europe.

In the statement, RIDF stated that Serbia had become the first country in Southern Europe to produce the Sputnik V vaccine.

For its part, Serbia confirmed production would begin on May 20.

Serbia started to vaccinate Sputnik V against COVID-19 earlier this year. RDIF director Kirill Dmitriev said the scale of vaccination in Serbia is likely to increase sharply thanks to the domestic production line. RDIF intends to export the vaccine to other countries in the region at a later stage.

Earlier, Director Dmitriev said Russia had reached an agreement with 20 manufacturers in 10 countries to produce the Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19.

During a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitriev said India and South Korea are currently producing the Sputnik V vaccine and that the majority of the 20 manufacturers will reach full capacity this April.

According to the RDIF, an estimated 58 countries around the world have licensed the Sputnik V. Vaccine to be registered in Russia in August 2020 before being included in the large-scale clinical trial.

The safe and effective level of vaccine up to 90% has been recognized and published by the leading medical journal The Lancet.

The world experienced a record week of infection

According to statistics page worldometer.info, as of 6am on April 21 (according to Vietnam time), the whole world has recorded a total of 143,492,529 cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection causing COVID-19, of which 3,055 .591 deaths. The number of new infections in the past 24 hours was 781,333 and 12,571 new deaths.

The number of patients recovered has reached 122,118,938 people, 18,318,000 patients are receiving active treatment and 109,393 critical cases.

The US, India and Brazil are the three most severely affected countries in the world. The number of infections in the US is 32,525,316 million people, of which 582,311 deaths. India recorded a total of 15,609,004 cases, including 182,570 deaths. Meanwhile, Brazil ranked third with 14,043,076 cases and 378,003 deaths.

CNN quoted published data from the World Health Organization showing that the world has just experienced a record infectious week since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Accordingly, the world recorded 5,236,922 new infections in the last 7 days, surpassing the previous record of 5.04 million cases in the week from 4/1/2021. The number of new infections has increased in all regions according to WHO, except for Europe – a 3% decrease. The region that saw the strongest rise in new infections was Southeast Asia, up 57% from the previous week.

Meanwhile, the number of new infections in India also continued to increase, and accounted for 28% of total new cases globally.

Also last week, the number of COVID deaths worldwide exceeded 3 million. According to WHO, it took the world 9 months to reach the first 1 million deaths, but it only took 3 months to surpass 1 million cases for the third time.



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