``Spring Festival Gala'' star status: Zhu Yilong and Chen Weiting have deep eye lines, and Li Qinqi has a round face with bangs

“Spring Festival Gala” star status: Zhu Yilong and Chen Weiting have deep eye lines, and Li Qinqi has a round face with bangs

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Beginning in 2019, on the eve of the Spring Festival Gala, CCTV will launch a program “When the Spring Festival Gala is in progress”, invite the stars of the Spring Festival Gala to briefly talk about the upcoming show, and then there will be some interactive sessions to warm up the Spring Festival Gala, and 2021 is no exception. . From this show, you can roughly know which celebrity partners are performing on the Spring Festival Gala, and you can also know the status of the stars in advance.

Li Qin, Jin Chen, and Yang Mi are three popular actresses. With such a small number, they must have performed singing. All three of them are in good condition.

Li Qin, whose temperament has always been cold, is really not suitable for the cute bangs, and she has a round face when she is out of place.

Yang Mi’s facial condition is quite good, but the big forehead is a bit stealing, and the hairline is still high.

There are many stars in the following group, so it must be a performance sketch.

Zhang Yuqi herself is a plump type, if she wears a dress that exposes her neck and shoulders, she will look great, but when she was on the show, she wore a long-sleeved plaid dress, which looked fat without looking at her legs. Ni Ni next to her simply wears sweater and jeans, she looks thin.

But if you look at the whole body, Zhang Yuqi did not lose, after all, her legs are also very thin.

Tang Yixin’s face was ruddy and she could see that she was recovering well after giving birth. Hu Xing’er next to her was in a pregnant state, so her face was slightly swollen, which is inevitable.

Chen Weiting, Jiang Shuying and Ouyang Nana performed singing on the Spring Festival Gala. In the show, Chen Weiting wore a red and yellow cardigan, which was more handsome; Jiang Shuying wore a rose-red dress, suitable for her mature-looking; Ouyang Nana wears a red puff sleeve dress, which fits the lovely girl very well.

Ouyang Nana’s face is fleshy and cute, but she is eager to be a cool girl. Maybe when her baby fat fades, she will get closer to her wish?

When interacting with the host, William Chan also accidentally exposed eye lines, but no matter who it is, fine lines will definitely appear on his face with such a big expression.

The level of the two powerful singers, Coco Li and Angela Chang, is of course unquestionable, but they all have their own characteristics. Coco Co. wears a red sweater with a black floral skirt, and Coco Angels wears a pink sweater with a white skirt. Dressed up like mainland stars more than ten years ago.

Although Coco Lee is middle-aged, he is very energetic. Her face is very smooth, but the apple muscle is a bit strange, as if it is a big piece.

Angela Chang is still very young overall, that is, the fine lines are more obvious right now, but she has won many of her peers.

Jia Ling also took her artists on the show, lined up very imposingly.

It is worth mentioning that Jia Ling is working sick at the moment and has a bit of fever, but after an examination, it was confirmed that it was just a normal fever.

The girl group THE9, which debuted in “Youth With You 2”, has a brand new Chinese group name: Infinite Girls on the CCTV program. You probably didn’t expect it, right?

Kong Xueer’s girl group makeup is very heavy, the foundation coat on her face is too white, and the color difference is a bit obvious with the skin tone of her body.

The interactive part of THE9 is an impromptu dance following the song “Congratulations”. Liu Yuxin, An Qi and Kong Xue’er all dance well. Liu Yuxin is handsome, An Qi is charming, and Kong Xue’er is cute, but Lu Keran is a little embarrassed, as if in The host couldn’t help laughing like doing radio gymnastics. It seems that Lu Keran is very bad at improvisation dancing?

Lin Yushen and Liu Ye also appeared on the show together. When I watch Lin Yushen and Zhao Lusi’s “I, Like You”, I always think he is tall, after all, Zhao Lusi looks petite beside him.

In fact, Lin Yushen’s official height is only 174cm. In the show, when Lin Yushen and 186cm Liu Ye are in the same frame, the height difference is quite obvious.

Although Liu Ye was a bit blessed in middle age, the thin Lin Yushen could not beat Liu Ye, because Lin Yushen’s eyes looked swollen and small, which affected his appearance.

In the photo session, Lin Yushen was not too open. When imitating the emoji pose, Liu Ye made all kinds of exaggerated expressions without any burden, but Lin Yushen’s expressions were more restrained.

Both Zhu Yilong and Li Yifeng have an official height of 1.8 meters, but standing next to Gao Weiguang, who is 1.9 meters tall, are half a head short. I have to say that Gao Weiguang is too tall.

Li Yifeng’s condition is still good, he is relatively young overall, but the law lines are beginning to become obvious.

Gao Wei Guangming clearly has deep double eyelids, but his eyes are a bit small. What is the reason?

Zhu Yilong’s eye patterns are very obvious, and some shots can still see his dark circles and bags under his eyes, which makes people feel a little tired.

Wang Junkai went on the show alone, standing between the two hosts, looking thin.

Fortunately, his face is also very small, so his head-to-body ratio is normal and he feels like a teenager.

Seeing this, do you look forward to what kind of stage they will bring to the Spring Festival Gala?


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