Spotify will soon allow you to listen to your OSTs in CD quality

On New Game Plus, we have never hidden our love for music, and in line with our editorial line, our love for video game OSTs. Amateurs and enthusiasts that we are in the editorial staff, we naturally prefer to have our own CDs to display proudly on our shelves, but for all that, it is not always possible to acquire an OST in its physical version for various reasons such as : the price, the scarcity, or even the concerns related to importing.

While there are still 20 years the only solution would have been to find a physical version to finally get in the ears, the digital age may have put the CD market in badly, but also allowed players to be able to access certain OSTs with just a few clicks. Currently, music streaming offers have never been more varied, and depending on the genre of music you listen to the most, you may even go for one offer over another. On the other hand with regard to OST, the choice is ultimately very fast, since Spotify is quite simply the unbeatable platform in this area., offering the most extensive catalog in our opinion.

However, so far Spotify Although we flatter our ears with its excellent Ogg Vorbis codec (320 kbit / s maximum speed), it is nonetheless an audio compression format with loss of data. But to simplify, Spotify currently allows you to listen to excellent sound quality if you are a premium subscriber, but without giving you the quality you might have on a CD. To overcome that, a so-called Hi-Fi offer will be marketed in 2021, and will satisfy music lovers who are a little finicky about quality.

All the OSTs of the Final Fantasy license that have just landed on Spotify, it will certainly be the opportunity to rediscover these legendary compositions in an even more advanced quality. But beware, do not believe that by subscribing to the future Spotify Hi-Fi service it will transfigure the music you will hear. We remind you that the platform already broadcasts files of excellent quality if you are at the maximum of the proposed speed, and that it is only with suitable and high quality material, that you will be able to make the most of what the Hi offer -Fi will have to offer you.

No date to communicate to you for the moment, not even a price (we imagine 14.99 €), but if you want to know if your equipment allows you to feel a difference between the basic offer and the future Hi-Fi offer, Digital Feed ABX is there for that, by providing a listening test, which offers you to try to unmask different tracks in CD quality. If you have any questions regarding the arrival of this new offer, we remain available in the comments area.


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