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SPORTS – Fun facts in PES 2017

The community who likes to play football games is no stranger to the name Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and FIFA (FF), which can be said to be two rival football games against each other, I am currently playing PES. 2017, this version is probably an old game

The fate of bringing me to PES is not very special, in the past I went to college, and at the end of the week, he asked me to play Play Station 3 outside the restaurant, and that was when I learned about PES. Later on, there was no time to play, just to play. After that, I moved back to my hometown to do business with my family and my business in the countryside. If there was a guest, I could do business and not have to sit and surf the web, I would like to play a certain game, remember to the old PES game, so go online to download and play, at that time in 2017 I played PES 2016, playing a few months of seeing it seems to have PES 2017, so find download and play, see the graphics more beautiful , play harder.

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By the end of 2017, PES 2018 was found, although it was fine, there was no problem, but the way to experience the new one should find the download link. Download it, install it,… the truth is, my old lap GPU oke, Ram oke, SSD oke CPU not oke :(, my core i3 4000M CPU does not pull the 2018 version, the game is still okay, but the fan is spinning like a storm, kicking it off, so just go back to the 2017 version, and stick to it now because it hasn't changed new ;) and probably never dreamed of version 2019 ;)

Stone PES 2017 for nearly a year and a half, so I discovered some interesting things, I google, I don't see the community sharing about these things, so now I write this article so I hope you guys can play and feel So or have other experiences, share with each other for fun.

I always kick the stone LeagueIn this mode, I will choose a club (club), spend a season like the club in real life, for example, I choose Man city, I will play Premier League, UEFA Champion leagues, Cup country (League cup), can have more European Super Cup (European Super cup), Super Cup national (Community shield), World Cup clubs (FIFA Club World cup) … in general the same life Really, the difficulty is always Super star, the hardest. I would like to share, temporarily call the concepts I set myself, enlightened myself so that the community members can see:

1. Stubborn opponents: games that, as true as possible, this concept is like how your club, kick or stone is strong, there is always a team that when you meet, always makes it difficult for you, like but when you meet your team, is this team able to boost 200% power or not? Seeing these teams, I said that my feelings were surging:

  • Bitter: Because I met another team that I suppressed, pressed people, I met this opponent, I didn't even cooperate, didn't get on the ball, my superstars were surrounded, attached, my team If there are 10 Ronaldo or Messi, they will die, but it is better to be told by the strong team that they don't say it, but sometimes all the unknown teams like Espanol, Getafe are not.
  • Stress: It is because of kicking with some of these teams, determined to focus 100% of the mind, hands pressing gamepad must be continuous, must be fast, even emphasize ignoring the buttons, but then, the tie is not even lost.
  • Inhibition: this one I will share is real, like some of the players in this team write the goals that they have to call "non sports"Terrible, they shot far away, they kicked in extremely narrow corners, they kicked their players' legs, they hit their heads in the sky, they leaned on the lamp table in front of a forest of their defender …. And the whole thing is all in, I feel like I'm going to shoot all the time, but I don't feel bad

If I kick PSG, then I will go to Olympic Marseille, Barcelona will be a real Madrid, but I will be a team, but you may not think about it, that is Espanol, isn't it amazing? Juventus, the Cavalry Inter Milan, Porto, Benfica, and I choose Man city, do you know who you are? It's not MU, it's not Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool, it's Tottenham, I remember especially when it came to playing against these roosters, in my mind, I thought I was struggling, Harry Kane was completely dead The Eriksen guy is doing it, kicking it all, kicking it even 4 or 5 times to get a draw

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Here you may think, gaming is for entertainment, to relax your mind … he plays games that are spicy, inhibited, stressed, then what to do? Hì, that is also a charm of PES, the more difficult it is, the more emotionally compressed it is, the more you want to kick, to win for the new one, the mentality of conquering it.

2. Ghost goal: this one I met 2 times, the author is Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, the general scenario is that these 2 friends slam into the edge of the net after the right vertical column, the ball clears out, but the 2 of them run to celebrate like crazy , I also don't understand what happened, when I found out, it counted. When Neymar made this phase is Barca are 3 – 3, 90 minutes into the net, countless, too wonderful ;). You will see the video below:

3. Sublimation mode: This is sure you guys play a lot, that is when I meet a team that is too weak or has led too deeply, that you see your team player like to activate this mode, become sublimated, I pass Great, the player who stands in front of the player receives the ball on his side, but without knowing how the ball still managed to get through to the foot, then I passed it before the 16m50 round, hit the ball and missed anyone, 5 guys The opponent stood in front of the two guys, but it turned on and off without anyone touching the ball. The type of passing is just a shot, which normally never thinks can be done like that.

4. The last minute bid: I'm sure football fans all know that the phrase "attacking more than scoring goals will cost", this is the same game, my Porto kicked Arsenal's Champions League group stage away, so belong to me, hold the ball more, force the home team, even the first half Arsenal failed to score a goal, naturally 88 minutes Welbeck got a ball, ran straight into the penalty area to stop a shot in the air. My Porto scored 10 goals to win 5 goals 0 goals, Arsenal scored 2 goals to win 1 left to score 1 goal and win lun, aaaaaaaaaa

5. Confusing sagging: this is a bit hard to describe, but I often encounter this when the Champion league kicks, I remember I took Porto, met Real Madrid in the semi-finals. The feeling of kicking the first half, you know why, it is almost close to encountering a stubborn opponent, that is, I was terribly cornered, the team kicked, coordinated, extremely good shot, my entire team defended , not on the ball but still scored, usually super product. But the feeling of meeting some competitors of this type is not uncomfortable, but often I have the feeling of admiration, your team kicks too well, pass, turn on, perform technical look like, but it is the first half Through the second half of the team, I raised a little to make a equalizer, and from that equalization table, I thought that your team was about to eat and eat your team, I was prepared, but No, your team from there is like being out of breath, constantly failing, even the goalkeeper throws the ball 3 or 4 times in a row, he is robbed by the ball, but still wrong for the 5th time and let his side score 2nd lead, then I won. It felt like I was waiting for a strong response, a terrible impending impending imminent, but everything was completely opposite, I temporarily called it "indifference"

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Those are 5 concepts Fun facts but when I enlightened when I thought about this PES 2017 game, the brothers who played or had played with experience or any truths in the game shared each other, playing game sharing tips is also a writing feature that ;)

Bonus some beautiful goals and style scoring goals that I synthesized when playing:

Those missed misses:

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