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Sponsoring the World Cup in 2018, ROI is not of utmost concern to Vivo

On May 23, Vivo, the main sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, has launched a global campaign called “My Time, My FIFA World Cup”. (My moment, my FIFA World Cup) at the Olympic Forest Park, Beijing. This is one of the activities of the 449.6 million USD contract (according to the Financial Times), lasting 6 years between Vivo and FIFA.

On this occasion of the global football tournament, Vivo promotes its products in various forms:

  • Published two limited editions: Blue V9 for foreign markets and X21 Red for Chinese markets.
  • According to Franck Guignery, Head of Sales at FIFA, this version will be on display at the FIFA Traditional House in Zurich. This is considered the first phone to be included in the souvenir collection of football background.
  • FIFA employees are required to use Vivo phones when working in the main area in Russia.
  • Vivo produces cases in the colors of the teams (black – white Germany, blue – white Argentina, yellow – green Brazil and red – green Portugal).
  • The lock screen is designed with two color blocks combined to form a V, with two meanings of “Vivo” and “Victory”.
  • The Jovi application pre-installed on Vivo phones will update the tournament information with match tracking, game time alerts, live score updates for Chinese fans.
  • The default font for these phones is Dusha, which is also the official World Cup 2018 font, designed by agency Brandia Central.

Photo: TheDrum.

These tactics were implemented within the framework of a 449.6 million USD contract (according to Financial Times) lasting 6 years between Vivo and FIFA. Accordingly, Vivo will sponsor the 2018 and 2022 World Cups and the FIFA Confederations Cup.

Vivo has started exploring sports marketing to expand its reach in the international market, particularly in South Asia and Southeast Asia in 2014. In 2015, Vivo became the title sponsor for the tournament. Indian Cricket Premier League (IPL) and also has a strong influence in the countries of the British Commonwealth. In 2016, Vivo entered into a strategic partnership with the Chinese National Basketball Association (NBA), as the official mobile sponsor and star Stephen Curry was the ambassador for the Xplay6 phone line.

As one of 5 sponsors from China for this 2018 FIFA World Cup, Vivo looks forward to gaining global attention. He Denny Deng, Brand Vice President at Vivo He shared that he was not worried if the campaign’s ROI was low as the Chinese brand Yingli Solar received when sponsoring the 2010 World Cup. Raising brand awareness is his only goal. Yingli was FIFA’s first Chinese sponsor but then had to stop sponsoring because of the poor financial situation. Typically, consulting firms such as McKinsey propose five measures of ROI for funding: cost per reach, unaided awareness per reach. , sales / margin per dollar spent, brand attributes in the long run in addition to indirect benefits.

Mr. Deng told Campaign China that he highly appreciates Coca-Cola, FIFA’s longest-term sponsor. He said: “Sustainability is critical to long-term funding success.”

He Michael Chang, Brand Director of Vivo’s Global Sales Division stated “We strongly believe in the future and also believe that this is the right direction for us to maintain our position as one of the leading mobile manufacturers in the world.”. He also emphasized that Vivo has signed sponsorship contracts for the next World Cup with FIFA.

Vivo’s long-term investment strategy is also reflected in TVC, created by agency BBDO from Hong Kong and Guangzhou offices.

In a TVC scene, a group of Chinese children shouted in unison: “Who said we can’t win the World Cup?”. The Chinese national team is not eligible for this year’s World Cup, so the statement emphasizes Vivo’s long-term vision. BBDO explains what Vivo wants to show: “Under the attraction of important events like the World Cup, people will do everything to show their ‘inner passion’. China always carries the World Cup dream; and the kids are here to voice that desire. ”.

128 Influencer will be selected to participate in the “Vivo Super Fan Photographers”. They will have access to some areas near the pitch during the warm-up before the match. One of those chosen was Ruud Gullit, a former player of the Dutch national team, who won the European Golden Ball Award in 1987.

Another key activity in the campaign is “Vivo Super Time”, which is part of a series of thematic music activities throughout the season. This project also marks the first time FIFA invited a sponsor to participate in the performance of the theme song in the final.

“With all of these activities, Vivo is making a transition in its marketing activities. Sports marketing allows brands to reach customers through their passion. Therefore, the power of this marketing depends on the ability of the brand to arouse that passion and convey the story to attract fans ”., Mr. Michael Chang confirmed.

Lam An / Brands Vietnam
* Source: Campaign Asia


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