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Spider-Man movie feel Far From Home: A gloomy MCU behind Avengers

"The greater the power, the more great power (comes great responsibility) is the life lesson that Peter Parker's Uncle Ben teaches him in the Spider-Man series played by Tobey Maguire, and though until the second reboot, Uncle Ben did not exist, but that sentence always clung to Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which most recently was Spider-Man: Far From Home.

There are some scenes in this trailer that do not appear in theaters in Vietnam

Personally I feel, Tobey's Maguire Spider-Man 3 has a gloomy color of a disoriented Peter Parker, lost in the middle of his life when he finishes school but his job is unstable, his family life is terrible panic with Aunt May after Uncle Ben died, stuck in love with MJ and his best friend Harry Osborn.

By the time Sony rebooted the franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man by Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man's world was a color of youthful rebellion with teenage boy Peter Parker. With Spider-Man of Tom Holland, Spider-Man's universe is expected to be the bright color of a playful world of a hopeless high school student, but is actually extremely dark by the universe. Marvel has now reached the end of phase 3, the post-Avengers era.

Little Peter Parker since childhood had no parents,
now has a huge pain when there is no "three breeding" Tony Stark

Remember in Spider-Man: Homecoming. 15-year-old Peter Parker was bitten by the mutant spider and suddenly had to bear on himself the responsibility of the reluctant hero of New York City. Although Tony Stark / Iron Man still appeared in Homecoming, he did not appreciate the boy and always ignored the words Peter warned.

Go to Spider-Man: Far From Home. Spider-Man returned to normal life after the Avengers team defeated Thanos. The boy aspires to be a normal person, traveling abroad with his friends, finding love for his MJ girl, being hated by a Flash friend, and so on. , the snap had taken Tony Stark's life, the world without Iron Man, Cap and Black Widow had left, Thor and Ronin had fun filling up. Peter Parker 16, suddenly lost when no one is around, Spider-Man becomes the only superhero left of the Avengers team.

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Mysterio said: To save the world, there must be sacrifice, sometimes someone must fall

If you've ever seen Shazam! of DC. You can see that 13-year-old Billy Batson is too small to shoulder the responsibility that the magician gave, so is Peter Parker, 16 years old is too small to replace any member of the Avengers, let alone the work of Nick Fury.

For me, Far From Home bemoaned the gloom and gloom of a Marvel post-Marvel universe not knowing where to go. However, saying so, in general, this is still a happy, bright and very successful film.

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The final boss in Spider-Man: Far From Home, beat the London Bridge bridge

PS: I really like the idea while standing side by side with Spider-Man and Mysterio fighting in the movie. The fight scene with villain very very, very unexpected!

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Spider-Man and Mysterio, the world's last two superheroes that Nick Fury can count on

PS2: The end of the movie has 2 post credits, the first about 1 minute after the end of the movie about Spider-Man. The second waits for about 5-7 minutes after the end of the credits, talking about SHIELD organization and maybe a future of MCU, for example a Secret Invasion such as ….. In total, the brothers try to stay and wait for another 10 minutes to watch these two short videos, very nice!

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