Speedtest supports video streaming quality measurement - VnReview

Speedtest supports video streaming quality measurement – VnReview

Before watching a movie online, you can check the video streaming speed of the Internet connection in use and choose the best resolution.

If you’ve ever thought of testing the speed of your internet connection, you probably already know the name Speedtest. This is an online service from Ookla and functions as its name suggests. Since Speedtest launched in 2006, millions of users around the world have used the service to test the download and upload speed of the internet connection.

Now, with the Speedtest app on iOS, you can “Measure the quality of your streaming experience before you watch the next video”.

Check the streaming video streaming quality

On the Speedtest website, Ookla announced that users can now use the Speedtest application on iOS to calculate “maximum resolution, timeout and uptime on your network”. Currently this function is completely free and will be updated on other operating systems in the near future.

Ookla explains that you will need to test the speed before watching video online because “Carriers often rate the priority of video lines differently from the other transmission lines”. This means that the way the carrier handles video content is different from text or image content.

How to use Speedtest on iOS

How to check the speed of online video playback with Speedtest is very simple. After opening this application, you select the card Video from the navigation bar on the bottom edge of the screen. Next, you click to select the icon Play yellow in the middle of the screen. The application only takes a few minutes to check the video playback quality at different resolutions.

You can download the Speedtest app here: iOS | Android

When streaming video, you will get video with bitrate corresponding to the picture quality based on network connection condition. Speedtest’s test will measure the bitrate and let you know what resolution the connection you are using is optimal for.

Wondering if watching Netflix on a TV or tablet is better? Speedtest will help you. The results will let you know which devices are best performing on the available line.

Additionally, the app may display a message that the video cannot be played at the maximum resolution supported by the device. If this message appears, there is a high chance your network connection is down.

Is your internet connection “worth the money”?

Ookla seems very proud that their application can provide one “results can be used”. If you find that the carrier does not provide the correct package you have purchased, you can use the measurement results on Speedtest to make a complaint.

Hopefully, the online video playback speed test will soon be available on computers and Android operating systems in the near future.

Minh Bao (According to MUO)

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