Under the condition that the old car culture in the United States is quite prevalent, retaining the original shell of the old car and replacing it with a modern internal structure and power heart can be said to be a way of modification that is heard from time to time. There are few related old car modification works, but this time is the classic work created by SpeedKore, the 1970 DODGE Charger “Hellraiser”.

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Original: Carbon fiber upper body Hellephant power injection SpeedKore to create a 1970 Dodge Charger Hellraiser burst a thousand horsepower

Although the Charger currently on sale is for DODGE’s signature four-door sports car, in fact, in the 1960s and 70s, the Charger was a larger two-door coupe than Challenger, and this time I will introduce you to the design made by SpeedKore. This 1970 Charger “Hellraiser” is made of carbon fiber material in accordance with SpeedKore’s conventions. The front part of the car has cancelled the original hidden design, and replaced with modern head and tail lights, while in the car shell is SpeedKore. Based on the developed high-strength frame, plus a customized 14-point roll cage to strengthen the overall rigidity, the chassis part uses the front suspension structure from C6 Corvette, and the reinforced parts of Detroit Speed ​​and Woodward, with Penske two-way Adjustable shock absorbers, Brembo front six/rear four piston brake calipers, and finally replaced with three-piece forged aluminum rings from HRE and Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S performance street tires.

As for the power system that is listed as a key project, SpeedKore uses the Hellephant Supercharged 426 HEMI 7.0L V8 supercharged engine from Mopar, which can output a maximum horsepower of 1,000hp and a peak torque of 131.4kgm, paired with an eight-speed ZF The self-exhausting gearbox and 9-inch reinforced drive shaft, and the replaced Magnaflow exhaust system provides smoother exhaust efficiency and wilder exhaust noise, making this 1970 Charger “Hellraiser” as always Become a very good classic modification works.

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