Specialist outlining US strategy in the Black Sea

Specialist outlining US strategy in the Black Sea

US provocations in the Black Sea have created serious tension in the region. However, the Russian forces in this area are very strong and can withstand all threats. The new US naval operations near the Crimean peninsula are one of the efforts to help NATO penetrate the Black Sea region and show its influence.

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Russian naval forces in the Black Sea are very strong.

Before that, the Russian fleet conducted simulated drills in the Black Sea, while there were still two US destroyers, Porter and Donald Cook, in the area. This is a routine exercise for the Russian navy, but the US presence in this region worries the international community as Russian and American warships have come close to each other.

Expert Lucas Leiros said that Washington has long sought to encircle Russia in the Black Sea. The presence of American warships off the Russian coast is a testament to Washington’s unambiguous effort to demonstrate strength and desire to control Russian actions.

In addition, Lucas Leiros paid special attention to the weapons on American warships. On US destroyers currently in the Black Sea are armed with about 90 cruise missiles with a range of about 3,000 km. It can be said that this is a provocation and violation of Russian sovereignty.

This is the strategy that the US is applying. They conceded that a direct confrontation with the Russian navy would result in both sides being hurt. Therefore, they perform sly actions to suppress the opponent, not to confront them openly.

In addition, the US and NATO are also conducting military exercises near the Russian coast, aimed at countering Russian invasions, even though they know that there is practically no threat from Russia.

Mr. Lucas Leiros said that in the near future, the relationship between Russia and the US-NATO is unlikely to improve. According to him, with Joe Biden coming to power, US foreign policy will become even more drastic.

The new US president is likely to do his best to restore US naval dominance, as this is an important step in regaining global hegemony. It is more likely that the growing US and NATO drills could lead to escalating tensions and potential conflict.

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