Speaking of weather warfare and siege warfare, “Situo Beach” and its “ancient war game universe”

From the moment the SLG game was born, it has been inseparable from the word “war”. Although under a broad concept, simulation games can also be counted as one of them, it is currently recognized by the industry that only the “war strategy” that conforms to the 4X concept (exploration, expansion, development, and elimination) is in line with the industry recognized SLG field.

Users who like SLG have a love for “war” beyond other categories. Compared to games that emphasize on the front line such as FPS and fighting, SLG players prefer to defeat the enemy on the broad battlefield by relying on their strategic advantages. But in the era of mobile games, the early traditional SLG’s design based on the “Wolf and Sheep Game” really made players unsatisfied. It can be said that this type of P2W game greatly consumes the enthusiasm of war strategy lovers.

Different from the traditional SLG that emphasizes the sense of personal paid experience, the model of “Ritual Beach” with the alliance as the core experience unit is undoubtedly closer to the real ancient war experience. Based on the rule system of geostrategic, each Players need to play an important position in the carriage of the alliance. The close cooperation of everyone can win the victory. Even the loosening of a screw may lead to a defeat.

But this road is far from the end. Looking through the history books, the fascinating thing about ancient wars is that with the development of the times, there are countless factors that influence the situation of the war. The demands of the people from the bottom to the land are as small as a tactical decision on the battlefield. There are also siege equipment that represents the level of productivity, and diplomatic games before and after the war…When Cao Cao was a weaker, he was in Guandu. When facing the northern overlord Yuan Shao and defeating the north with the weak and the strong, how did you ever think that eight years later, you will experience a red cliff from the position of Yuan Shao today?

Yu Hewei, who played Cao Cao and Liu Bei, is also the taster of the Three Kingdoms

Two years ago, the author judged that how to use the content of a game to truly and comprehensively reflect the fascinating aspects of ancient warfare would be the biggest problem facing the future development of “Situo Beach”, but recently the author believes that ” “The Coast of Shutu” has really found a way to solve the problem.

Recently, the official announcement of the 12th season of conquering in the “Beach of the Land”-the wrong combination of soldiers and cars. Judging from the existing official information, this season introduced siege equipment such as Pili, Wuchong and other scenic spots on the scene, and correspondingly there are many defense facilities, such as the bed crossbow erected on the wall, to make the battlefield More three-dimensional. And what attracts the author most is the official positioning of this version-“ancient siege”.

This reminds the author that in March of this year, “The Beach of Shutuo” made a comprehensive upgrade to the gameplay of the “Yingtian Shunshi” season. On the basis of the original use of weather and the use of military strategies to slightly change the terrain, the addition of The alliance officials who built the altar “Taizhu Order” allow players to use the altar to turn local weather into strong wind, fog, heavy rain, etc., or block local vision, or create an environment for the use of fire attacks, thunderstorms, etc…. …Just as the official interpretation of this version-“Ancient Weather War”.

From “ancient weather warfare” to “ancient siege warfare”, this apparently serialized version naming method really aroused my curiosity. It seems that in the design of the Seasonal Reincarnation System, “The Coast of the Land” has found My own gameplay: Re-enact a certain “face” of the war through the gameplay settings of a single season, and the gameplay of these seasons together, is a complete and true ancient war experience.

Including this “Break of Soldiers and Cars”, Xitu has officially launched 12 seasons of conquest (in fact, there are several eliminated seasons such as the Yellow Turban Rebellion), which is very popular among players.” As an example, this gameplay can be said to be the pioneer of asymmetric confrontation in SLG. Players choose their camp before they are born, or Dong Zhuo, who has an early advantage in the fertile ground of Guanzhong, or is distributed in the world. Through the design of birth area resources and faction technology, the original situation of the 18th route princes against Dong has been restored. Compared with the fixed historical development, in the game, Dong Zhuo’s forces may not be able to go out of Guandangping princes first. In accordance with the recent naming method of “The Coast of the Land”, the author tentatively refers to “the group of heroes against Dong” as the “ancient crusade”.

In January of this year, the “Golden Seal and Purple Ribbon” season launched by “The Coast of the Land”, developed through cooperation with the China Cultural Relics Exchange Center, introduced the seal and knighthood system. On the one hand, players need to accumulate merits and promote themselves in troubled times. The title of the prince, and with the merits in exchange for the stamped treasures that match the title, to enhance the strength of the troops, on the other hand, the players all want to capture Luoyang to capture the unique jade seal of the country. This is undoubtedly a great deal of A true mapping of the relationship between the central court, the author believes that this gameplay can be called the “ancient battle to seize India”.

In addition, there are also the “Ancient Armament War” in the “Iron City Heroes” where players need to accumulate advantages through a series of operations such as recruiting, training, and solid cities, and the “Ancient Landing War” in the “Eight Formation Map” that can conduct water operations. Even the “Ancient Encirclement and Suppression” in which PVPVE competes in many ways and can capture NPC generals in “Taishi Chaotic Man”… When we analyze the existing content of “The Land of the Land” in this way, we will find that it is in The content innovation is not a hodgepodge, but a thread that reflects the different details and characteristics of ancient wars.

The above analysis of “The Shore of the Earth” made the author think of a word-Metaverse (metaverse) for the first time. Since Roblox hit the concept and achieved a market value of 40 billion US dollars, this trend has almost swept through. The entire gaming circle. Sandbox, competitive, casual game platforms… Various game manufacturers have expressed their intention to build their own Metaverse.

The biggest feature of the meta universe is that it is all-inclusive. The “oasis” in the movie “Ready Player One” can be said to be the closest to the concept of the meta universe. It has a fully functioning economy and spans the physical and digital world. Digital content and IP can be circulated in Metaverse, and countless users and companies will bring in new content to make it more prosperous.

But in fact, even Roblox’s success is to a large extent an extremely accidental commercial phenomenon that cannot be replicated in the short term. We must also see that Roblox, as a company established in 2004, has experienced The barriers to competition built cannot be easily broken by the influx of hot money in the market.

Compared with the turbulent market chasing the meta-universe, the team of “Shitu No Beach” seems to be quite calm. If you agree with what I said above, you will find that “Ancient weather warfare” and “ancient siege warfare” are horns, and this game of chess has begun to take shape.

The concept of “meta universe” is too far away. As an SLG game, “The Beach of Shutu” is to continue to cultivate deeply on the extremely subdivided vertical track of “ancient war” to create its own “ancient war game universe”. “You can’t experience hundreds of lives spanning ancient and modern time and space in “Yelto Nobun”, but as a war theme or strategy game lover, then you may be able to lie all over each other in “Yelto Nobun”. In the ancient battlefields with very different characteristics, either incarnate the Taizhu order in charge of sacrificial offerings, praying for the wind and rain to turn into their own swords to victory; or together with the world’s heroes scattered from various states, crusade against the forces of Dong Zhuo who occupy the fertile land of Guanzhong; or as a great Han world along the way The princes, while performing meritorious service and being knighted, attacked the long-awaited Jade Seal of the Chuan Kingdom; or ordered the thunderbolt car to roar and use the huge weapon to break the battlefield to reverse the situation…

The best way to win the future is definitely not to follow the trend, no matter how new or imaginative the concept, blindly following the trend will only lose your own content. Only to create a concept of one’s own and take a path of one’s own is the game industry, where the content is king, and the ultimate decisive means.

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