SPARK RGB DDR4 launches the Modder community

SPARK RGB DDR4 launches the Modder community

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ZADAK has released a high-performance memory module that integrates RGB LEDs with names DDR4 RGB SP4 with Vietnamese Modder community

ZADAK, the leading manufacturer of modder components from Taiwan, has launched a high-performance memory module that integrates RGB LEDs with names DDR4 RGB SP4. This is a product aimed at high-end PC and professional gamers market when providing powerful memory modules, with high overclocking capability with "top" design, easy "pairing" with motherboards in the highest-end segment.

DDR4 RGB SP4 will be sold as kits from 16GB (2x8GB) to 64GB (4x16GB) with the most advanced models operating at 4133MHz. Users can easily overclock with XMP 2.0, which allows users to overclock and store stable profiles to ensure stable and long-term operation even when overclocked continuously.

Integrated alloy heatsink allows efficient heat transfer and escape products even when used in overclocking, ensuring each module's operating temperature to achieve high performance while maintaining stability and enduring

As a well-known manufacturer of design and manufacturing techniques, ZADAK has created memory modules with its "Crown" design scratched and RGB backlight layout in the style of sparkling gemstones with sunken lines. right in the middle of the memory stick. This design helps DDR4 RGB SP4 has an excellent RGB backlight effect and gives a more luxurious, rugged feel than the usual RGB LED layout

Sparkling gemstone backlight design is the highlight for the five-way Dynamic Multi-Zone RGB lighting method. Thanks to the RGB backlight layout on the top, side and bottom.

ZADAK has created a new style for expressing RGB backlight effect according to the environment with 8 different effect types: Static, Breathing, Color Cycle, Rainbow, Comet, Flash, Wave, and Strobing.

As a result, professional users can take advantage of this feature to create a colorful and unique light show for their professional gaming system using DDR4 RGB SP4.

DDR4 RGB SP4 Fully compatible with backlight technologies such as Razer Chroma, Asus Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, AsRock Polychrome Sync and Gigabyte RGB Fusionso that users can control the RGB backlight from color, brightness and effects according to the type of driver that follows the separate motherboards, including ZArsenal RGB exclusive technology of ZADAK will bring you the clearest images about the product in the shortest time.

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