Space medicine: 5 days in a bathtub, do you like it?

Space medicine: 5 days in a bathtub, do you like it?

Want to play the astronauts without leaving the mainland? This ad is for you. The Institute of Medicine and Spatial Physiology, based at the CHU Rangueil in Toulouse, is looking for volunteers for a (paid) study on theweightlessness, this state in which the body frees itself from the earthly attraction. We all have in mind the image of these astronauts floating upside down.

For this study, it is a question of reproducing similar conditions in order to better study the reactions of the human body.

The technique used is that of “dry immersion”. Concretely, the volunteers are stretched out in a sort of bathtub, but isolated from the water by an airtight cover.

For research purposes, it will be necessary to agree to remain in this position for five days. In total, human guinea pigs will have to be hospitalized for 13 days, as of November 20, 2018.

The profile sought: men living in the Occitanie region, aged 20 to 45, in good health, athletic or very active, between 1.58m and 1.85m tall, non-smoking and without dietary restrictions.

A second phase of the study will take place in January 2019. It is already possible to apply. To do this, simply call or

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