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Southwest Airlines suspends resuming Boeing 737 MAX flights

Boeing 737 MAX aircraft at the factory in Renton, Washington, USA. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

The decision to delay affects around 330 flights a week, accounting for about 8% of the airline’s total flights on peak travel days. Southwest Airlines is committed to transferring relevant customers to other flights.

Southwest Airlines representatives apologized to the passengers affected by this change. The airline explained that taking the initiative of removing 737 MAX from the schedule helped reduce last-minute flight cancellations and unexpected disruptions to customers’ travel plans.

Southwest Airlines has 34 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in its fleet, the most of any other airline. The airline, along with American Airlines and United Airlines, previously hoped to bring the 737 MAX back to the sky on April 14, but has repeatedly pushed back the time it took the aircraft to service. Most recently, American Airlines and United Airlines decided to continue removing 737 MAX from the flight program until June 4.

Boeing 737 MAX has been banned from flying globally since March 2019 after two serious plane crashes by Lion Air (Indonesis) in October 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines in March 2019, killing 346 people. network. On December 16, 2019, Boeing announced that it would suspend production of the aircraft from January 2020, as the ban on its best-selling MAX continues to this year.

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