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South Korea: The number of COVID-19 cases has risen again to more than 30 cases

Korea: The number of COVID-19 macros is on the back of 30 images 1Quarantine officer sprays disinfectant at a school in Seoul, South Korea on May 11, 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. (Photo: Yonhap / TTXVN)

Statistics by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) show that as of 10pm (local time) on May 20, with 32 new case was detected bringing the total number of COVID-19 infections in South Korea to 11,110 cases.

The number of completely cured patients increased by 128, bringing the total to 10,066, accounting for 90.6% and no more deaths due to COVID-19.

So far, South Korea has tested a total of nearly 800,000 people, of which more than 730,000 people test negative and nearly 20,000 are waiting for results.

According to KCDC, although the number of new cases has risen to more than 30 cases, it can be said that Korea has gradually controlled the situation from the case. Collective infection in Itaewon. However, KCDC also notes that it is necessary to be very cautious of cases of “detection of infection fairly late.”

In particular, on the last 18/5, a nurse worked at Samsung Hospital, one of the five largest hospitals in South Korea, has been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, but KCDC has yet to verify the “path of infection” for this nurse.

Currently, 200 colleagues and patients who have close contact with this patient are also being tested.

KCDC also said it would set up a separate set of COVID-19 epidemic prevention rules for high-risk health facilities such as nursing homes, elderly welfare facilities, etc.

[Ổ dịch ‘khu phố Tây’ Itaewon và bài học chống COVID-19 của Hàn Quốc]

Specifically, KCDC will develop a standard table of danger levels to assess living space and population density at these facilities. Accordingly, depending on the level of danger of each place, KCDC will collectively evaluate to apply separate management measures.

In addition, KCDC is also considering the application of coercive measures to comply with the basic epidemic rules with the people, and at the same time developing a new plan in operating the COVID-19 screening test station, creating conditions for working more conveniently for medical staff and medical staff in the hot summer.

In fact, doctors and nurses are facing many difficulties due to wearing protective gear so they sweat a lot when working.

The immediate solution is to install air conditioners at screening stations for use when necessary.

However, in order to avoid the risk of contamination through droplets when turning on the air conditioner, all air conditioners will be fitted with HEPA high-performance air filters.

In addition, the epidemic prevention and control authority also recommends installing airflow control panels, one-way airflow direction to minimize the risk of infection./.

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