South Korea expels 3 Vietnamese students from hiding

South Korea expels 3 Vietnamese students from hiding

The information was reported by The Korea Times on April 10.

South Korea produced three Vietnamese students in Vietnam
Beginning April 1, the Korean government isolating all international visitors

These three students are said to have entered the country respectively from March 28 to April 1, tested negative for corona virus but had to isolate themselves for 2 weeks at a hostel near Gunsan University, which is Seoul is about 270 km.

However, instead of obeying the rules of the host country, these 3 people fled to the park between 7am and 12pm on April 3. They left their cell phones at the inn to avoid GPS tracking, but the police discovered the absence when no one answered the phone. Later, one of the group returned home and admitted leaving the quarantine.

Gunsan city authorities reported the incident to the Korean Ministry of Justice for the Ministry of Justice to consider the decision to deport the three students.

“These three students seem to have intentionally left their own quarantine areas. In the future, anyone who violates the quarantine regulations will be strictly punished, regardless of foreigners or domestic residents. “, a Jeonbuk provincial official said.

Vietnamese students escaping from isolation in Korea: Strict punishment …

In South Korea, the government of this country has required everyone, regardless of nationality, to enter Korea from April 1 for two weeks of mandatory isolation.

Those who violate quarantine regulations or make false statements may face up to 1 year in prison or a fine of up to 10 million won (195 million VND).

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