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South Korea calls for cooperation in promoting security and peace in the region

South Korea requires a security facility, peace in the area of ​​image 1Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha. (Image: ABC News)

According to the Vietnam News Agency reporter in Korea, the press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea said that Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha attended Forum The 27th ASEAN Regional Security (ARF) was held online on September 12 to discuss security issues such as the situation on the Korean Peninsula, South China Sea issues, health and cybersecurity. .

In addition to Korea and 10 ASEAN countries, ARF also has the participation of representatives from Korea, the US, China, Japan, Russia, the European Union (EU), India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mongolia and Pakistan.

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha evaluated the ARF’s role as a forum for discussion on regional security issues, in which the co-operate Between countries plays an important role in effectively responding to the security and health threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Korean foreign ministers and the diplomats of the participating countries agreed to strengthen multilateral medical cooperation to deal with the pandemic, while noting the importance of the equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines together. with the most effective sharing of anti-epidemic information and experiences.

The “Declaration of Cooperation in the Response of Infectious Diseases” was approved by the participants, evaluating the ARF as a useful mechanism for discussing COVID-19, a new security challenge and issue.

This statement includes key elements such as information sharing for effective co-response to infectious diseases, ensuring reasonable and equitable access to vaccines; open markets and maintain supply chain connectivity; and ensuring the movement of essential individuals …

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Regarding the situation on the Korean Peninsula, Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha presented the peace process on the Korean Peninsula so far and said the Korean government will continue to work closely with the United States as well as with international community based on the agreements reached between the Korean-Korean leaders. She said she would continue to make diplomatic efforts to advance this process.

Foreign Minister Kang affirmed that the North Korean problem can only be resolved through continuous dialogue and cooperation. In particular, she emphasized that inter-Korean cooperation is the foundation for peace on the Korean Peninsula, and presented the Korean authorities’ efforts to promote inter-Korean relations. The representatives of the countries participating in the forum agreed that peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula are associated with peace and prosperity in the region.

Referring to the issue of the South China Sea, Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha expressed a consistent view of South Korea in favor of freedom of navigation and overflight, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling its commitment to demilitarization and reconciliation. average in the East Sea while the difficulties of each country are increasing due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Ms. Kang believes that maintaining stability and stability is very important in the South China Sea.

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha emphasized the need to remain vigilant about non-traditional security issues such as the spread of terrorism and cybersecurity, even during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Ms. Kang expressed her intention to co-chair the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Security Conference of participating countries. ARF 2021 to contribute to strengthening cooperation on ICT and network security. She also emphasized that Korea is ready to contribute to peacekeeping activities aimed at establishing peace and security in the region.

Countries participating in this forum have adopted the “Hanoi Action Plan II”, proposing future development directions of ARF in the next 5 years and cooperating through ARF.

According to South Korea, this forum shows a consensus that the international community needs to strengthen security cooperation and the role of the ARF in responding to traditional and non-traditional security threats. This is of great significance in the present situation as instability in the region is increasing due to outbreaks of COVID-19./.

Manh Hung (VNA / Vietnam +)


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