Sound masking in open space, a bad solution against noise
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Sound masking in open space, a bad solution against noise

The noise in the professional field have repercussions not only on the health of employees but also on the quality of their work.

However, the use of sound marking systems is not the solution according to the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety). These systems have been tested with employees. It appears that the sound masks increase discomfort caused by ventilation systems, printers, computers … And, at the same time, these systems do not reduce the annoyance linked to the noise of conversations, for example.

Sound masking: why is it not working?

Sound masking systems emit noise that can be compared to that of ventilation. Which, in fact, adds a noise to the existing one.

How to lower the sound volume?

On the other hand, helmet (or headphones) noise control is a effective way. It generates, in real time, a sound signal which cancels out a large part of the background noise.

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