Sorry Panasonic, Tesla is making batteries for its electric cars - Photo 1.

Sorry Panasonic, Tesla is making batteries for its electric cars

According to the CNBC revealed, Tesla is secretly developing battery cells in a secret laboratory launch in California. Accordingly, Tesla employees are currently working for a research facility near the manufacturing plant in Ho Chi Minh City. Fremont. This is the place to develop battery prototypes and mass cell battery manufacturing processes.

Even recently, Tesla did not hide the plan of producing batteries himself when posting many photos of work related to battery design.

Earlier, Tesla invested an insignificant amount of money for the Gigafactory factory specialized in producing lithium-Ion batteries in particular and electric batteries in general near HCMC. Reno, Nevada, USA.

Self-control of battery cell production can help Tesla better control the cost of fuel cell input for electric cars, especially if Tesla produces more efficient batteries than suppliers, it will ensure supply. The battery is always plentiful and don't worry about the lack of batteries that can affect the output of vehicles shipped.

In April 2019, CEO Elon Musk blamed the delay of Panasonic's battery production line, which affected the production of Model 3 cars.

Multi-cell battery synthesis will create a battery module. Many battery modules that are placed competitively on vehicles will help to provide power for electric vehicles. Currently Tesla and Panasonic are working together to produce and supply battery cells for electric vehicles. According to Elon Musk, both currently account for about 60% of global battery supply.

Tesla had a six-year partnership with Panasonic so the Japanese battery maker was of great importance to Tesla's electric vehicle output. However, Panasonic stopped the expansion of its battery factory in Nevada, Musk said Tesla was forced to find additional battery cells from Chinese electric car battery manufacturers.

In June, Tesla acquired battery manufacturer Maxwell Technologies to partially understand the technology and supply battery autonomy.

Sorry Panasonic, Tesla is making batteries for its electric cars - Photo 2.

At the same annual meeting of Tesla, Musk confirmed that the company may switch to electric car battery business, both to supply batteries for electric vehicle production lines to exploit existing resources. increasingly attractive.

The battery accounts for 40% of the price of an electric car. Therefore, controlling the battery supply will help minimize the price of electric vehicles, thereby attracting customers and easily expanding production scale.

Tesla's strategy is increasingly similar to BYD, the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer and the second largest battery supplier in China. They are self-sufficient and make sure the production line is always smooth. Last year, the company sold about 100,000 electric cars.

Not only Tesla, other car manufacturers are also actively investing in researching electric car battery production lines. Volkswagen is currently investing in a battery factory in Germany. While Toyota is partnering with Panasonic to build a battery joint venture next year hoping to sell batteries to other electric car brands.

Currently Tesla and Panasonic have not commented on the information.

Refer to CNBC

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