Sorel-Tracy Life in prison for a son who killed his father

Sorel-Tracy Life in prison for a son who killed his father

A man from the South Shore, beaten by his father all his childhood, was sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday for having revenge by strangling him during a final quarrel around a slice of pie.

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“Monsters breed monsters. It’s that simple.”

This is how Loïc René summed up his crime to his mother, shortly after killing his father on August 18, 2018.

The 56-year-old man was convicted of murder at the Sorel-Tracy courthouse on Wednesday.

Loïc René “snapped” during yet another spat with his father Guy, at his father’s residence, in Yamaska, in Montérégie.

After dinner, the 76-year-old took a nap while his son warmed up a piece of pie in the microwave. Awakened by the noise emanating from the kitchen, the father slipped off his hinges.

“There, you really pissed me off. You’re not normal, go get treatment, ”said the former school principal to his son, despite the latter’s apologies.

Hit 30 times for stealing $ 30

The 50-year-old countered that his father was in a bad position to speak, after he punched him 30 times in the face to punish him for stealing $ 30 when he was 12.

“Here comes another one,” the victim dropped, hitting his son once more.

The chicane got worse, Loïc René grabbed a butcher’s knife, but he ended up calming down.

The two men agreed that Guy René would drive his son back to the bus terminal to return home to Longueuil.

But when it was time to leave, the eldest had taunted his son once too often.

“If you want to fight, I’m ready, it’s when you want,” he spat.

For Loïc René, this is where “the sons touched each other”. He pushed his father to the ground, hit him in the face with his feet, then his fists, before strangling him.


“You fucking asshole,” he whispered to the victim before she breathed her last.

The killer then went to the police. He told investigators he felt free, that he knew it would happen, and that it had been premeditated for 42 years.

“It was wanted. Maybe that’s what makes me say I’m a monster, because I was aware of what I was doing ”, he said in questioning.

However, during his trial, René affirmed rather that he did not want to kill his father, but only to hurt him.

Me Marc-André Gauthier argued that his client’s borderline personality disorder had prevented him from formulating an intention to commit murder. He thus hoped for a verdict of manslaughter.

Judge France Charbonneau qualified this new version of “improbable” Wednesday, giving reason to Mr.e Geneviève Beaudin, of the Crown.

“The accused clearly acted out of revenge. Three punches were not enough. It took more to get over all the suffering his father had inflicted on him, ”the judge wrote in her 67-page decision.

Loïc René was sentenced to life imprisonment, without the possibility of parole for 10 years.


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