Sony's USB-C Hub has just launched at the fastest speed today

Sony's USB-C Hub has just launched at the fastest speed today

After Apple officially removed all common connection ports and replaced it with Type-C ports, USB-C Hub is becoming more and more popular with many different products. Recently, the big Sony has officially participated in this game with the product called MRW-S3.

As mentioned, there are countless different names on the market that produce USB-C Hubs after Apple cut the number of ports on its Macbooks. However, there are many "no-name" brands that have very bad products and very cheap prices. With the move of Sony, a famous and reputable electronic brand involved in this market, we have another quality option.


This Sony device has enough necessary ports such as HDMI port (supports 4K resolution of 30fps), USB-C PD charging port (charging speed to 100W), USB-C port and USB-A, reader SD memory card and micro SD card. With a charging speed of up to 100W and a data transfer rate of up to 1000MB / s, this is the fastest Hub device on the market today.

The downside of this device is that there are still too many Type-C ports and only one Type-A port. Often devices like the Macbook have quite a lot of Type-C ports on the machine and users who want to own a Hub can expand and connect with devices using Type-A so Sony's Hub has redundant ports. but missing another port.

Currently Sony has not yet announced the official information and price of this product. We need to wait until the official cost to decide if this product is worth buying when there are a lot of brands specializing in manufacturing accessories that are trading very good USB-C Hubs.

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