Sony plans to "expand" for PS5

The PlayStation 4 generation is considered one of the great successes throughout Sony's gaming console development with huge sales only behind the leader of the PlayStation 2. And to not miss the momentum of prosperity. In this way, Sony is setting itself the primary goal of moving the PS players community from older generations to the PlayStation 5 quickly and efficiently.

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Recently, in an interview with Sony's new owner, Jim Ryan, he talked about taking advantage of the brand's existing community power into the next generation of consoles. He said: "These are so connected, engaged and passionate PlayStation players that we've never seen this happen in other consoles. When we get to the next generation in 2020, one of our mission, is to move them to PlayStation 5 with a scale and speed we've never done before. "

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It is still unclear how Sony can plan a transition to a new generation of consoles, and whether this will affect the plans to release multi-platform games as mentioned earlier. This is still something that Sony needs to clarify with the community of players. However, Ryan points out that game developers and publishers have all received very positive feedback on the first PS5 development kit.

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Jim Ryan shared: "One thing that makes me especially optimistic about this product is that when we hear feedback from manufacturers and publishers, they all think that their test products can launch. easy on PlayStation 5. This gives them an experience that goes beyond everything they've ever experienced on their previous PlayStation series. "

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