Sony organized the biggest Alpha camera experience of the year

Sony organized the biggest Alpha camera experience of the year

Sony on 8/12 organized #BeALPHA, the company's biggest Sony Alpha camera experience event 2018. The event was attended by famous photographers, and photography enthusiasts, where exchanging and sharing experiences about photography.

At this event, participants were able to experience Sony's full-frame mirrorless Full-Frame cameras, Sony G Master high-end lens lines, and Cyber-shot RX Series compact multi-purpose cameras. . It is estimated that there are more than 250 cameras and lenses used in this event.

Photo reporter Nguyen Doc Lap (holding a microphone) is sharing his sports photography experience.

In the framework of the program, many photographers and photojournalists shared their experiences and tips for taking photos. Photo reporter Nguyen Doc Lap, the person behind the glorious image series of Vietnam U23 team in many tournaments, shared the story of the machine holder in many different types of press photos.

In the field of journalism, beautiful images are sometimes not as important as shooting at the right time, especially when the moment of campaigning for the country to win, the moment the politician walks down to the plane waving, how to choose a corner for one Big event, … It is also a challenge for photo reporters to convey emotions that will never return in a decisive moment. These are topics that will be shared by Mr. Nguyen Doc Lap.

In addition, photographer MVC Thinh talks about culinary photography and how to use natural light to make a difference. Or approach and exploit the theme of street portrait photography with photographer Nguyen Thanh Tung.

Many scenes are built for participants to try.

Besides, there is also a topic to guide how to use content, tips and videos to use for Facebook / Youtube / Instagram with Vlogger Tung Pham. Or Andre photographer Save advanced post-production guidelines for landscape photos with Adobe Lightroom software and Luminosity Mask Photoshop.

Danny Nguyen photographer tells about the fascinating and mesmerizing world of light with the theme of getting used to Color Gel in fashion photography. And the most outstanding thing is to see how wedding photographer Tuan Liebe works on a romantic outdoor wedding party set …


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