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Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in turn voiced their opposition to the US imposing taxes on gaming machines

Recently, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have jointly expressed to the US government that the new, proposed tariff imposed on imported goods from China will harm consumers, causing many jobs. risk of being lost and many innovations delayed. The three companies mentioned above sent a joint letter to the US Trade Representative's Office.

As part of the US-China trade war, Mr. Trump's government proposed to impose taxes on goods worth $ 300 billion imported from China, most of them consumer goods. 25% tax increase will be applied to goods including laptops, gaming machines … "If the new tax is imposed, consumers will have to pay an additional $ 840 million," Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo argue.

In the joint letter sent on June 17, these companies said that 96% of gaming machines imported into the US were made in China and because the custom hardware inside them was difficult to produce in another country. "The gaming machine supply chain has grown in China over the years and is invested by us and our partners", 3 companies announced. "With the production line being rigorously implemented, the production process will be interrupted if the entire line is transferred to the US or another country. The cost will also increase, even higher than the level. increase that tariff barrier caused ".

"Each game console is made of dozens of complex components from many countries. A change even if just changing a supplier needs to be carefully considered to minimize the risk of substance. "Quality, reliability of products and user safety. Tariff barriers will significantly disrupt our operations and increase costs resulting in declining sales of gaming machines and services."

In addition, according to the three companies, not only thousands of companies, hundreds of millions of consumers, retailers are damaged, but hundreds of thousands of US game and accessory developers will also be affected. Therefore, the new tax rate will cause bad impacts, prolonging the entire game ecosystem.

It is currently unclear when the new tax rate will officially take effect. Trade negotiations between the US and China are still ongoing. According to Bloomberg, the tax policy will be abolished if the two sides reach an agreement at a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit that will take place in Osaka, Japan later this week.

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