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Sony MDR-Z7M2 Review – Warm, emotive, high quality sound quality

The day before I wrote about the MDR-1AM2 headset and it became a headset that I still recommend in the segment below 10tr with a sweet, light and detailed sound quality that helps listeners hear more kind of music. I even prefer the MDR-1AM2 headset to the previous MDR-Z7. Simply put, the MDR-Z7 is a headset with too much bass and mid, and the treb has lost its inherent flair. Saying that it's not like MDR-Z7 still has a lot of Basshead and new players who like this headset because of the impression in the bass range. And really, when holding the new MDR-Z7M2 headphones, there is not too much expectation about the sound quality of this headset, but after a long time staying with this new headset, I had to change all set of views on the MDR-Z7M2 headset.

1 / Design

The first feeling when meeting the MDR-Z7M2 headset is the feel of a luxurious and rugged headset. This is also a point where the MDR-Z7M2 is very similar to its predecessor, in general, with a headset with a price of VND 17 million, the beautiful appearance is a huge plus.

The outer box part of the MDR-Z7M2 is also full of accessories that feel worth the money. In addition to the usual 3.5mm cord, users are also given a 4.4mm Balance wire for use on music players and the 4.4mm balanced gate amplifier. The inner material uses silver-plated copper core to make the tune sound as well as the sound transmission quality guaranteed. Users can also upgrade to Kimber Kable, introduced by Sony to improve sound quality.

The connector part remains the same as that of MDR-Z1R and MDR-Z7, which is a 3.5mm connector and can be changed between 3 models.
The weight of the MDR-Z7M2 is reduced quite a bit compared to the previous for a softer feel when worn, though the headset frame and the earcup are still made of aluminum for extreme feel.

Another interesting point is that the connector end is placed directly on the rim of the headset rather than going straight on Earcup like the previous MDR-Z7 model, which makes the design seem more elegant than it is like the MDR-Z1R. .
A huge plus for the MDR-Z7M2 when this wearable feel is extremely comfortable. The earpad uses urethane foam, which has a hygroscopic, smoothness and artificial leather wrap. Compared to other high-end headphones, the MDR-Z7M2 is also among the top in terms of comfort and smoothness when worn next to the MDR-Z1R.

The headset is equipped with a 70mm diameter driver that comes with Fibonacci motifs on the grill similar to the Flagship model, making the MDR-Z7M2 sound balance more balanced than ever before. And indeed the MDR-Z7M2 has made big changes in sound quality, so those who have heard the MDR-Z7 must also be surprised.

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2 / Sound quality

The sound quality of the MDR-Z7M2 is a completely new change, no longer a Bass-negative sound, but a more balanced and gentle sound similar to the change of MDR-1AM2 compared to MDR- 1A.

Although the bass band is not much in quantity and encroached like the previous Z7 headset, however, in terms of bouncing, the warmth of the bass band remains the same. In general, with the good speed and clear mass of the bass range, the Z7M2 can meet a variety of users' listening needs from EDM, Electronics to Modern Pop US, UK. Personally, I found that tune reduction and lower bass help make Sony more accessible to listeners because in the high-end segment, listeners want to find a moderate balance in all three bands. is only heard in a single powerful bass band.

However, unlike the MDR-Z7, which used to be easy to play and still has a full bass range, the MDR-Z7M2 needs to have a good source of power to maximize its power. When plugging in powerful amplifiers like Schiit Jotunheim or Chord Mojo, the bass range of the MDR-Z7M2 is greatly improved. The first point that you can see is that the strength of the bass band and the detail are pushed to a new level. This is a point that makes me quite surprised when most of the previous headphones of Sony do not need much support but for those who are planning to buy the MDR-Z7M2, please pay attention.

Charlie Puth's My Gospel song is shown with a deep bass band and very good bounce, the bass range has a force. The vocals and bass bands are clearly displayed without a sense of overwhelmingness, the seamlessness in the song rhythm is quite good. In general, with US-UK Pop, or even K-pop genre, the MDR-Z7M2 has nothing to blame.

The chord also witnessed a major change in sound quality when the Z7M2 was no longer backed up to give way to the bass range but was also raised to the same level as her sister. The mid range of the Z7M2 is easy to hear with a focus on the low-mid section so that listeners can listen to a variety of genres such as Jazz, Blue or Pop without having to worry much. The mid range is also rich in affection similar to the MDR-Z1R model which is somewhat gentle and easy to hear. Dean Martin's voice is expressed naturally and smoothly, with a combination of other instruments creating a melody that is easy to feel even with a little Jazz player like me.

One merit of MDR-Z7M2 is that the high-mid range is greatly improved, feeling more airy than its predecessor. Compared to the rest of the sound bands, the high-mid perhaps of the MDR-Z7M2 is slightly flattering with sweet, emotional and rich tones. When I tried Donut Hole's 'Otona No Okite' song, the singer's voice sounded slightly behind the instruments, but it was still full without considering the details of the high-mid range. blurred or mysterious like the previous MDR-Z7.

Another surprising point in the mid range of the MDR-Z7M2 headset is the ability to combine with the NW-WM1A Walkman player, when using a combo from Sony, maybe within 40 million, it is difficult to have a combo. Can you compare if you mostly listen to vocals? Thanks to the passionate, warm voice similar to NW-WM1A's vinyl and analog sound systems, along with the sweet, easy-listening voice of the MDR-Z7M2, the listener can easily immerse in the negative space. Music with emotional and lyrical voices.

The range of Sony MDR-Z7M2 treb makes me not too surprised when the treb of this model is also upgraded much compared to the previous version, but there is still something a little colorful and easy to hear. If listening to exciting music like EDM is no problem but if you try classical songs or instruments, there is a somewhat early roll-off feeling. I heard that the retry can be considered the most famous of J.S.Bach is ‘Air on G String ', then the violin heard a little bit of color and roll-off soon. However, this kind of sound tune also helps most listeners have no feeling of being dazzled, harsh or tired, especially for those who have just heard of high-end models, but I don't feel very natural to myself. .

As for the soundstage, perhaps the MDR-Z7M2 has improved much more than before, the instruments are shown to have space with good separation. In general, in terms of space, there is nothing to criticize, only if I want the sound details to be a little clearer, a little clearer. But perhaps Sony does not want the headset to carry as much detail as the previous generation MDR-SA5000 or EX1000 headphones because the current trend is no longer so fond of too pure headphones, most want towards an easy-to-listen long-term sound quality, that's what the MDR-Z7M2's tonal colors want to be.

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3 / Compare:

In the high-end segment, the MDR-Z7M2 also meets a lot of competitors. First to mention the Cascade Campfire model in the same price range, these two models only have similarities that all have quite prominent bass strips. While colleagues from the United States have extremely strong and powerful bass bands that can specialize in EDM and electronic music, the MDR-Z7M2 has a softer bass range. In terms of overall tonal range, Cascade still has a slightly American-oriented direction with speed combined with clarity and V-shape sound quality; while the MDR-Z7M2 seems much easier to listen to than the roll-off strip earlier.

A bit more, there is another model, the Denon D7200, which is completely different in both tones. Each one looks, the D7200 has a slightly balanced and smooth orientation in all three bands, while the MDR-Z7M2 is slightly more biased and low mid. In general, with long-lasting balance audiophiles will probably love D7200's more rustic, soft sound, while deep band lovers and sweet vocal lovers will probably feel Sony. The MDR-Z7M2 gives a better impression than its compatriot Denon.

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4 / Summary:

In general, with a luxurious looking headset, an easy-to-hear sound and an extremely comfortable wearing feel, there is probably nothing to blame for this Sony MDR-Z7M2 headset. If you are looking for headphones in the price range of less than 20 million to listen to US-UK Pop, or Blues, Jazz, Vocal genres, this product is one of the brightest stars on condition that you have a source well, the MDR-Z7M2 model will definitely not let you down.


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