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Sony Days of Play Promotion Event Time Confirmation in Europe and America

From the official news released by Sony, the launch time of the PlayStation 2020 Days Of Play promotion event in Europe and America has been officially confirmed.


Meizu online time: June 3 to June 17

European service online time: May 25 to June 8


It is reported that during the Days Of Play event, some of Sony’s hardware and software will be promoted. In the list listed on the official website, the games that will participate in the promotion activities are: “Ren Wang 2”, “Madden Rugby 20″, ” Jagged Warriors: Hunting Ground, Death Stranding, Dreamland, No Longer Past, God of War, etc.


In addition to games, PS + membership services, PS4 consoles, PS VR, controllers, headsets, etc. will also be discounted to a certain extent, and specific products will have to wait for the event to be officially launched.

With the release of the European and American service Days Of Play online time, Japanese service, Hong Kong service, etc. should also disclose related information in the near future.


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