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Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida: From right arm to power chair owner

Right in the beginning of February 2018, Sony suddenly changed the CEO position. Kazuo Hirai left this position to “yield” to Kenichiro Yoshida to take over the helm of this leading Japanese technology company.

Previously, Hirai was considered to have revived the “bottom-pierced boat” Sony and with Kenichiro Yoshida, the question is whether this new CEO will be able to take the boat named Sony to sea?

One – part – two of “Power duo”

Before taking on the CEO position, Kenichiro Yoshida was the “right hand man” of Kazuo Hirai. Observers often call them the “power duo” when one is the CEO and the other is the CFO of the company.

For Sony, the “old” CEO Kazuo Hirai is a person with great merit to help this company get out of the crisis, prolonged losses when taking office since 2012 and Kenichiro Yoshida is a great supporter of this success. Kazuo Hirai is the one who invited Kenichiro Yoshida to be Chief Strategy Officer since 2013 and the duo have been together for many years in planning business policies for Sony.

Yoshida will officially take over the CEO position from April 1 to. Mr. Hirai will become the President of Sony and the CFO position will be assigned to Sony Mobile CEO Hiroki Totoki.

Just a month after being appointed CFO by Hirai, Yoshida began to change Sony by publicly criticizing her predecessors for refusing to innovate Sony as the electronics industry changed. He is also the one who sets specific sales and profit targets for each business area while expanding into games, movies, music and other peripherals.

At the announcement meeting, Mr. Kazuo Hirai said that the personnel change at this point is a “new chapter” for Sony and for Hirai himself. “Since becoming CFO, Mr. Kenichiro Yoshida has supported me a lot, becoming an important factor in all business relationships. Mr. Yoshida combined business strategy, vision and relentless determination to achieve the set goals. I believe that Mr. Yoshida has the deep experience, modern outlook and leadership qualities needed to manage Sony’s diverse businesses. This is the ideal person to make a transition for the company in the future. As Chairman, I will definitely support Mr. Yoshida and the new management team as well as do everything I can to make this transition smooth and ensure their future success ” Mr. Hirai said.

Hideki Yasuda – an analyst at the Ace Research Institute said that Hirai’s big task is to “turn Sony from red to black”. “With record profits in 2017, I think they decided it was time to change to create new things,” Mr. Yasuda said.

“Sony warrior” with 30 years

With 30 years of experience at Sony, Yoshida is considered a “warrior” who has spent almost his entire career on the core activities of the company and promoting the financial system of the same company. Relationship with investors. From 2000 to 2013, he mainly worked in Sony’s So-net internet service provider and helped the company grow again in early 2005.

Atul Goyal – an analyst with Jefferies Group said, Yoshida knew Sony from the inside out and was “content” in the development race of Sony. He may seem soft at first glance, but deep inside he is an impressive intelligence and superior operating mindset to navigate a large organization like Sony. “Yoshida is key to Sony’s spectacular spin,” emphasized Atul Goyal again.

Power duo – Kazuo Hirai (left) and Kenichiro Yoshida (right).

For a long time, Sony’s mobile division struggled to cope with the rapid changes of the technology world and it can be said that so far, this division has not been able to return. success trajectory as in the past. Yoshida himself assessed, Sony’s position in the global market was very different compared to 20 years ago.

Speaking at a press conference in Tokyo in late 2017, Yoshida said, “I came back to Sony four years ago after 14 years working at So-net and was impressed by the ‘pointless approach’ of Hirai when solving problems. However, Sony has not been able to overcome itself for many years, ”said Yoshida.

The new CEO also said that his “every approach and problem-solving vector” at Sony will largely resemble Hirai’s strategy but its performance may be different. In all of his presentations, Yoshida has always emphasized the importance of technology in Sony’s business strategy.

Market capitalization is not everything, Yoshida said, but the top global companies today are all technology companies. Since Sony became a technology company, Sony’s board has felt some sort of crisis in this position. Therefore, Yoshida’s intention is to manage the company with the “market capitalization” criterion.

Yoshida also promises that there will be more new appointments and organizational changes. “I will do my best to create a better Sony to capture the imagination of every individual, every partner and all parties involved in us around the world,” the new CEO emphasized when sharing share with the press.

With this personnel change, the technology world is hoping to see new achievements, products that make a breakthrough in technology from Sony. Typically Sony smartphones with 18: 9 screens in the coming time, the closest is MWC 2018.

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