Sony apologizes for the fact that ordering the PlayStation 5 has turned into a nightmare
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Sony apologizes for the fact that ordering the PlayStation 5 has turned into a nightmare

The Japanese company promised to try to improve the PlayStation 5’s current pre-order status, which is receiving criticism.

Immediately after the successful launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony faced the first turbulence on its journey to release the next-generation console. All over the world, from Japan to the US, people lamented the fact that they could not order the machine even after sitting in front of the screen for hours.

Out of stock or system crashes turned PS5 preorders into chaos quickly. Some places have just opened the order 1 minute has been empty. On eBay or Amazon, a number of “merchants” quickly put up for sale the PS5 was blown 3-4 times, even 10 times the Sony’s suggested price. Facebook and Twitter have also become places of empathy for many who have slowed down.

PS5 is falling in stock and is sold out globally (photo: The Verge)

Very quickly, Sony had to apologize to the official community via @PlayStation account on Twitter. “To be honest, PS5 pre-order could have gone smoothly. We apologize from the bottom of your heart for the inconvenience that happened.” At the same time, the company promises a lot of game consoles ready to be shipped to retailers.

In fact, Sony foreseen this and has taken measures early. They have opened PS5 reservation registrations with finite successful registered users. At many points of sale, customers have to buy through lottery to ensure fairness. The company even prepared 60 flights to promptly transport the product until the date of sale.

Eric Lempel, PlayStation’s global head of marketing, once promised “There is nothing to worry about, we will notify you in advance when the order is about to take place”. However, the fact that before the time they announced the program, the retailers had already turned on the green light for the program, leading to a “break-out” situation that many people could not return to.

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