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Sony and Microsoft can take losses, sell PS5 and Xbox Scarlett for $ 400 to earn a profit from selling games

Both Sony and Microsoft have introduced their new console, the PlayStation has no official name, and the Xbox code-named Project Scarlett. Both have SSDs, which use AMD's 7nm CPU and GPU Ryzen 2 platform, and all promise to play games with 8K-resolution TVs. However, apart from those configuration details, there is almost no other information about the price or design. It can be predicted that both machines will be released at the end of the 2020 holiday season. You have read many sources that the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will cost about $ 500, which is more than $ 100 more than PS4 when it was launched in 2013.

Recently, however, an analyst has said that Sony and Microsoft can completely suffer losses with gaming machines, thereby stimulating the purchase of consoles to profit from two Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus cloud services. That's analyst Michael Pachter. He said that neither Sony nor Microsoft would want to make themselves difficult by creating an expensive machine (compared to the current consoles, but $ 500 for PCs is not enough to play blockbuster games). With both configurations, Microsoft may suffer losses by selling Project Scarlett at $ 399, and Sony will follow suit.

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Earlier this year, another game industry analyst, Pelham Smithers, also predicted that PS5 would cost $ 400. Plus a few recent rumors about PS5 going to be stronger than Project Scarlett in terms of hardware, it made game fans feel a little confused. Wouldn't it be more expensive? Maybe, but one thing to remember, when released in 2013, the PS4's hardware power was better than the Xbox One, but Sony still sold for less than $ 100. Microsoft itself has learned a bloody lesson after the release of Xbox One, and will definitely not let that happen again. As for Sony, it is no wonder the strategy of reducing the price of the device, suffering losses to offset the monopoly game sales and the purchase of the PlayStation Plus service from the Japanese giant.

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If you sell game consoles at the price of 500 USD, both Sony and Microsoft will be in trouble, because at the present time, after nearly 6 years of launch, both PS4 and Xbox One have had a great game. The PS4 has an almost massive library of exclusive games in the world, and the Xbox One supports backward-compatible games with the Xbox 360, from which owners will have no need to buy consoles immediately. New generation, especially when the games for them are not yet ready for release.


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