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Songbird Symphony – Nature Chorus

Songbird Symphony – Nature Chorus

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A little brilliance of color, a little melodic melody, a little bit of pixel graphics … all blended into Joysteak Studios' latest product. But that alone is not enough, has not created a special feature for a horizontal screen scene game. The product needs a certain highlight, and the manufacturer chose the … bird theme.

Name Songbird Symphony, The game is about Birb's journey, a bird decides to leave the peaceful home to explore the outside world, and wants to learn about his true identity. During his journey, Bird met other feathers, learned how to communicate with the forest and gradually revealed his identity.

So what can you expect from Songbird Symphony Before the game was released? After experiencing the demo of the game, let give initial comments.

Songbird Symphony
Songbird Symphony


The first attraction and originality of Songbird Symphony is the life-filled atmosphere that the game gives you.

The demo of the game lets you walk into a forest of strata with layers of trees, streams, and even creatures that live there. Because these creatures are part of that world, you will not feel alone in the way of "weighing the whole world". Not everything is an enemy. And hidden in that world is the story of a bird helping other creatures, unlocking secrets, rediscovering the source and stirring the air with the notes of nature.

The trial only lasted only 15 minutes so it left many questions and feelings. For example, when adventuring the world, it seems that an important part of the game is interacting with nature to find hidden "notes". However, the trial version does not tell us their effects, as well as the space of each area is quite small. According to the manufacturer, you can find the feathers to unlock the secret areas, but of course that does not appear in the trial version.

In short, the title still has many things that have not been revealed. And do not know under your guidance, Birb will discover what the horizon, what secrets.

Songbird Symphony


The trial version is short but also shows a part of the game's mechanics. With a horizontal screen scene game, besides exploring the world, you need to fight the boss. And it looks Songbird Symphony will bring a "boss" way, that is, you have to interact quickly and properly with the buttons required by the game. The music depends on the buttons you press, and only the right click matches the music.

In general, if you used to play arcade games in the entertainment centers of the commercial center, perhaps the gameplay in the game is similar. Surely this mechanism will create a highlight, but it is not something too new. You will also have the evaluation results when finishing your music, but how will this result affect your journey?

Of course, we can't ask too much from a demo, but its duration is too short, only two games are played, making everything it shows to leave a "half-hearted" aftertaste, not really. deep.

At least we can be sure that the complete game version will bring even more surprises.


The good news is that you won't have to wait long to experience the game. Songbird Symphony is scheduled to release this July 25 on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The trial version will always be there if you want to experience it, but as mentioned, it is too short to create something deep, and can even make players get the wrong impression about the game. . Therefore, will try and experience this game for you when it comes out!

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