Song Min-joon, “Lim Young-woong, the person who can only do well”…  Only waves and waves come out

Song Min-joon, “Lim Young-woong, the person who can only do well”… Only waves and waves come out

Lim Young-woong’s beautiful story draws attention.

On the 19th, Song Min-joon shared about Lim Young-woong’s beautiful story on his Instagram.

He expressed his affection for Lim Young-woong, saying, “4 years ago… I was living with my brother, while Trot dreamed of being a singer and attended a song festival, but when I fell asleep, he put that note and 50,000 won in my wallet.” .

After that, Song Min-joon said, “After a long time, I opened the wallet I was carrying around, and I saw that note, so I thought a lot! My brother had no choice but to go well, and the person he believed in that way went well, so I’m just as happy as mine! Brothers who are still close friends! #Lim Hero #Song Min-Joon #We #When will we see ??”, showing off his thick friendship.

This friendship between Minjun Song and Youngwoong Lim. And the beautiful story of Lim Hero’s waves and waves attracted the attention of netizens.

Meanwhile. On the 8th, Kim So-yeon, who took second place in’The People of Trot,’ and Song Min-joon, who placed 5th, visited TBS FM’Ramen with Lee Eun-mi’ hosted by jury member Lee Eun-mi. At this time, Song Min-jun talked about the relationship with Lim Young-woong.

Song Min-joon revealed that he was like a sibling of Lim Young-woong, saying, “I know what he is doing even if he is not in contact because he is like a family because he is like a family.”

Also, regarding his relationship with Trot, Song Min-joon revealed that he won first place after going to the Trot Song Festival held in the neighborhood, and that he entered the trot singer. Also, he recalled, “It was the Trot Song Festival that I met Young-woong Lim, and I learned trot from Young-woong Lim and received awards at each Trot Song Festival.”

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