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Some suggestions for building a less effective money gaming PC for beginners

Building PC gaming so that it is effective for your needs with less money is always a difficult problem for beginners. I was like that in the past so I know. So today I would like to share a little of the experience that I have learned in the process of playing and learning, hoping to be useful for you, especially when you are just starting.

Build PC based on graphics card

This is the “mantra” that I have recited many times in many articles about PC build. The graphics card should be the most preferred thing in a gaming PC to optimize performance over cost. The first is because it is the most expensive among PC components. The second is because it determines the number of FPS that you can achieve in the game. The card has to be as strong as possible, then the rest of it should be attached mainly to pull the card to run.

For example, if I choose a RTX 2060 Super graphics card, I will get a CPU that can afford it, the 9th generation Core i5 or Ryzen 5 generation 3 or above is fine, RAM is about 16GB standard for AAA games. now on. As for the source, 500W is fine… In general, it’s like that. With this build, you will build a PC max GPU system, the number of FPS in your game will be the highest with the money.

Any game that card, plan for the future also buy just enough

Tech people have a handicap that they never know enough, the better what is, the stronger, the more expensive, the more they like it. This is actually a “good habit”, not a bad habit, because it is the driving force to help technology develop. But if you want to build a low-cost, highly efficient machine, you should restrain yourself a bit. Buying too good components, although it can be planned for the future because it will be more durable, stronger, but certainly will not have many benefits in the present for you.

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If you play games on any game cabinet, just buy a rig enough to play max setting that game. You do not consider what the minimum configuration or the recommended configuration do, those things are very virtual. Just go to Youtube to see if people test the card with the game you often play, which card can pull the max setting smoothly, reach the FPS that you want, just whip that card and then build it. If there are high plans for the future, it should be stopped in 2 years. Because after that time a new generation of hardware has been released, and it will certainly have better performance at a better price.

I know it is difficult to control myself to buy a fully-used PC, but at least it will help you to save money compared to thinking far away. This is what I advise you to do, but I can’t do it myself, I put it all together!

Don’t be giddy with RGB

Everything beautiful is expensive, and it applies to PC hardware too. Now that you turn the sales pages of the dealers up to see, any type of main unit with RGB LEDs is more expensive than those without LED chipsets (mostly). Similar to RAM, case, power, SSD … Of course, the hardware is not only expensive because it has RGB LEDs, the lights are only secondary. The main thing is good hardware, high perfection, made up of high-end components, outstanding performance … that must be beautified so that ordinary users can clearly distinguish between high-end hardware and parts. However, if you want to build a low-cost, high-performance PC, you should aim for low-end hardware because they often perform at a higher cost. For example, a main B460 with no LED still pulls Core i7 gen 10 non-K running loudly. It’s just that if you have money to buy Core i7 gen 10, then few people will even notice the main ones with no LED.

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In short, I want to advise you like this: If you wanted to save as much as possible, determine that there are no LEDs or RGB here, just aim for ones that don’t have LEDs, soft prices, reliable big brands. that’s just a breeze!

Buy second hand (not recommended)

Sometimes buying second-hand is not a bad choice at all. In the midst of technology transfer, when the hardware of the new generation beats the old one, you can buy a graphics card for half or even 1/3 of the new price. Second-hand is definitely a real goldmine for those with experience and knowledge. However, if you are a novice, I advise you not to play with old toys.

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Money is always flowing from the pockets of most people to the pockets of the better few, so good PC components. There are still PC components that are very well preserved and offer very strong performance. However, such bargains will often fall into the hands of those with enough experience and acumen, and to get to that level almost everyone has ever had to pay the price for “fuzzy chicken”. at the beginning of my “introduction”. In short, should consider but not encourage offline.

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