Some retailers began removing Asanzo products from the shelves

Some retailers began to remove Asanzo products from the shelves – VnReview

The first moves of major retailers before the Asanzo incident used "Chinese goods to disguise Vietnamese goods".

As informed the readers, on the morning of June 21, some major newspapers published a series of investigations about Asanzo company imported Chinese goods but recorded origin in Vietnam and at the same time. set up "ghost", unreal companies, to import Asanzo goods from China and then secretly bring them to Asanzo's factories in Vietnam.

Not only that, Asanzo allowed workers to remove the "made in China" stamp on the product and then affixed the "Vietnam origin" stamp before launching it to the market. There is a process of assembling television screens at Asanzo factory, which workers must follow the "made in China" stamp.

Reporter contacted Asanzo's media representative and received the answer that the company will have a meeting with the press as well as release the official press release in the coming time about the incident. Currently, Asanzo declined to comment on the allegations of Tuoi Tre and Nuoi newspaper about their goods being Chinese "wearing" Vietnamese goods.

Meanwhile, contacting major electronics centers and some e-commerce sites in Vietnam that have business with Asanzo products such as Dien May Xanh, Nguyen Kim, Adayroi … reporters of all receive questions Reply from representatives that are waiting for the final information from Asanzo to decide the next steps.

However, on the morning of June 22, when we rechecked some websites of major retailers in Vietnam, we found that Asanzo's products began to be removed from the shelves or converted to status. Out of stock.

Some retailers began removing Asanzo products from the shelves

Specifically, at website A Here, then, the e-commerce page belonging to Vingroup, when searching with keywords Asanzo will receive the result is not empty. While yesterday, it is still possible to access the official Asanzo booth on this e-commerce site.

Now when accessing the links of Asanzo products sold on A Here Then from Google also received the result that the product is out of stock. VnReview contacted A Here Then but the e-commerce media representative refused to share the reason why he stopped working with Asanzo.

Some retailers began removing Asanzo products from the shelves

With the website of Dien May Cho Lon, the same situation happened. Searching for keywords Asanzo on this site will not see any results. The selection of TV studios in the filter is no longer the appearance of Asanzo.

Some retailers began removing Asanzo products from the shelves

Another big electronics supermarket is Nguyen Kim, though it still shows search results related to Asanzo keywords but the number has decreased significantly, and when clicking on the products, they receive a notice of out of stock. or suspend business.

Some retailers began removing Asanzo products from the shelves is contacting a representative of Nguyen Kim and Cho Lon Electronics and waiting for official feedback from these electronics centers.

Nhat Quang

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