Some great PUBG Mobile tips when you want to cross the bridge
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Some great PUBG Mobile tips when you want to cross the bridge

Any map in PUBG Mobile is divided into separate plots, and it is connected by bridges. These separate lands have many items, weapons, vehicles … that all gamers are always looking for.

But accompanied by the dangers always stalking players when having to cross the bridges. You may be blocked when crossing the bridge or being attacked by an enemy hiding on the bridge, at that time, please apply some PUBG Mobile experience below this article.

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PUBG Mobile: Some tips to play when crossing the bridge

Observe the area at the top of the bridge

Observe the watchpoints near the PUBG Mobile Bridge

To do this, you need to have a Scope, at least x4. The majority of bridges in all of PUBG Mobile’s maps have dwellings, at least on one side of the bridge. You can use the remote stand to observe activities in the bridgehead areas.

There were no people hiding on the bridge, waiting for others to pass was to attack. The best viewing spots are a tower, a hill higher than the area you want to see. Thus, you will observe a general overview of all enemy activities near the bridge. Of course the most important thing is that you must have a scope x4 or higher.

Do not walk on the bridge, then swim across the river

Swim through the PUBG Mobile River

Many gamers who do not follow a team or play singles but want to cross the bridge may be “in the basket” because you cannot know what is waiting for you on the other side of the bridge. So many players have chosen to swim across the river.

This approach is inherently very dangerous because there will be the following cases. Firstly, if you are running boating, it is slower to swim across the river than jog on a bridge. The second is not to mention that there are enemies standing on the bridge watching you, waiting for you to get in the water and swim for a while before taking action, and there is a high chance that you will die.

Because in the water, you cannot use weapons to resist, there’s only way to die now. If the bridge is not long then the chances of you being attacked will be higher, because if there are people underwater, the enemy will be easier to see than when you are on land, so the advice now is to get a means Someone to move, on the bridge or under water will work.

Find a means of transportation

Swim through the PUBG Mobile River

As mentioned above, all vehicles will be of great help when you want to cross the bridge, a motorbike, a UAZ, Dacia … to move on the bridge. If you want to find yourself a canoe to move in the water, it will be a bit difficult because often you have to run a distance down close to the riverbank to see them.

Furthermore, if you are attacked while using a moving boat, you will be less able to respond than traveling by vehicle on the bridge. So the advice is that if you already travel by canoe, stay away from the bridge you want to cross.

Go with your comrades

Cross the PUBG Mobile Bridge

Traveling with your comrades, whether you have a car or a car, is still helpful when you’re ambushed. If attacked, your teammates can respond and revive you. If your teammates are attacked, you can know where the enemy is hiding to put firepower into it, of course the team must communicate with each other with headphones and mic to support each other well. .

If there is a car, simply run at full speed across the bridge, being attacked, the whole team can also know where the enemy is. Although now, if you attack again, it will be detrimental for the team, so if you can dash through the bridge you should avoid fighting if it is not necessary.

If you have to move across the bridge when you are blood-eating by boron, make use of the above playing experiences. Definitely will avoid unnecessary attacks or at least keep you from getting unjustly damaged.

If you just want to cross the bridge to loot, consider, the bridge in PUBG Mobile is not easy to cross.


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