Some good tips to help you design Facebook advertising images more effectively

Some good tips to help you design Facebook advertising images more effectively

Increasingly, we see more and more businesses using Facebook as their primary marketing channel. Image design strategies for marketing on this platform become more difficult because of the pressure of competition, so you need to stand out from the crowd. Here are some great tips to help you design promotional images for your marketing strategies that make it easier for users to recognize and remember your brand.


1. Showcase your product

If you are trying to sell something, describe it clearly.

Your audience won’t spend too much time on your ads, so you need to grab their attention and promote your product at first sight.

Instead of using a generic Stock image, use a high-quality photo for your product in your ad:


Using high-quality images of your actual product will make your Facebook ad stand out and get noticed in a sea of ​​generic, low-quality images.

It will also have a much bigger impact than an unrequited image or a few lines of boring text.

If you want to promote multiple products, you can use Facebook’s Carousel ad format, which allows you to display up to 10 images in one ad.

Carousel ads can draw attention to the variety of products you offer, and they tend to stand out more than general display ads.

The other great thing is that they create interactions. Users can swipe to see the rest of your product. This automatically makes the ad more effective and attractive.


Product photography in Facebook ads works great for businesses that sell physical products, like books, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

But what if you’re trying to sell a virtual service or product?

For example, if you’re selling an eBook, you can create mockups of your eBook cover or even the first page of your eBook to engage customers.

You can also create original images using elements closely linked to your product or service.

This wedding photography business is using some of their best images in their ads to showcase the quality of their services:


2. Use icons and illustrations

For most B2B services or SaaS companies, product photography is not always the best option.

But this doesn’t mean you are resigned to using stock images. You can always use illustrations and designs to make a difference!

In most cases, actual illustrations can perform better than generic stock images. You can get creative, add humor, and use eye-catching designs that capture your attention and convey your message.

Here’s how Mailchimp uses quirky illustrations in their Facebook ads:


If you want to go further, you can also incorporate icons into your ad images. They are attractive, and you can customize the design to match your color scheme.

Another benefit of using icons is that they can save you a lot of space by replacing text in certain areas.


3. Match colors

Color is important. They can determine the difference between a successful ad and an ad being lost in an ocean of advertising.

Before serving ads, review the platform’s existing color palette. Since Facebook is primarily blue and white, use a dark or light color to make your ad stand out more.

Here is a promotional image with a red color board from AirAsia:


If you create Facebook ads using the same color tone as the platform you’re using, that could get your ads blended with that platform and be easily flipped by users.

The ad above uses bright red in contrast to Facebook’s white and blue colors, making the ad immediately noticed.

An ineffective Facebook ad image will use too much white space or not enough image content to provide.

Also, don’t forget to create a Facebook ad image with a sharp contrast between the background and the elements you place on it.

If you are using a dark background make sure that you use a bright font on top, which makes the text more noticeable and easier to read, like this:


There are other factors to keep in mind before choosing the right color scheme for your ad.

For example, avoid using colors that clash with your brand image.

Also, don’t forget that every color has a meaning behind it. Before you decide to use a certain color, make sure you know what it means.

Here is a handy color psychology infographic to help you create better Facebook ads.


4. Tell a visual story

Behind every successful Facebook ad, there’s an image with an emotional story.

Don’t just use an image or video for its sake. Make sure you have a clearly defined purpose behind it. What do you want to convey? It can be anything: showcasing a product, highlighting a benefit or solving a problem a user needs.

For image ads, try using an image that conveys a deeper meaning or something that your customers resonate with.

Dollar Shave Club uses visual storytelling to break the stereotypes in their Facebook ads:


Your customers don’t want to be “sold by you”. They want to associate themselves with brands that truly understand their values, preferences, and beliefs.

And this is exactly what the above advertisement does. If you manage to connect with your customers on a personal level, sales automatically follow.

You can also use carousel ads to tell a visual story. In this Facebook ad example, WeWork uses a series of images to highlight its various benefits:


Another way to incorporate visual storytelling into your Facebook ad is to use Instant Experience, formerly known as canvas ads.

Instant experiences allow you to create an engaging, interactive ad that takes your audience on a visual journey.

Here’s how Coca-Cola uses Instant Experience to showcase its new aluminum bottle:


5. Use video to engage viewers

Did you know that people spend five times more time on video than static content on Facebook?

Videos are engaging, interesting, and help you tell the story better than most other types of content.

In fact, studies show that customers who watch videos are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t!

With Facebook’s video ad format, it’s easier for advertisers to convey their message and connect emotionally with their audience.

Here are some tips to help you get the best results from your video ads:

  • The video should be short. Facebook recommends 15 seconds or less. People didn’t have time to watch sponsored content for too long. If you want attention, do it in the first few seconds.
  • Make sure your video makes sense without sound. Most people disable autoplay with sound. We recommend using text or subtitles to make sure your video is effective even when muted.
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