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Some environments are not good for Smartwatch you should know

Smart watches are increasingly used widely by the advantages of features. With convenient design, compact, easy to carry, easy to use while ensuring fashion. The future level of smartwatch development is quite broad.

But users still need to note that this is an electronic device, so there are still things that should or should not be worn. And with this article, TCN will inform you about some bad environments for Smartwatches.

1. Sauna room

Some environments are not good for Smartwatch you should know

This is one of the first places you should not carry your smart watch. Despite being equipped with water resistance, the steam is unlikely. Moisture and heat will cause the glue and rubber to expand. From there they will go deep into the electronic circuitry, causing the battery to die.

Not only watches but electronic devices are very hydrophobic. So you take your smartwatch away from these locations to make sure it won’t be affected by steam.

2. When swimming, go diving

Although smartphones are now all waterproof, users should not bring them for swimming or diving. Because these products can only withstand pressure at a certain depth according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When you swim or dive too long for a long time, the water resistance will be disabled, in other words, become useless.

3. Clinic

Medical devices are sensitive to electronic waves, so when you go to a hospital or clinic you should not bring a smartwatch. The interaction between these two devices will bring negative effects in terms of health results and performance of the watch.

4. At bedtime

Sleep activities that will cause your smart watch to collide, avoiding damage. At the same time, this device also emits electrical waves that affect sleep. This is really not good for users, because besides affecting sleep, your health will be affected. Sleep is an ideal time to stay away from everyday equipment, to help the body relax. This is also the time you should plug in your watch to recharge for the next day of use.

5. When taking a shower

Water in the shower may not damage your watch, but detergents can. Soaps, perfumes, shampoos, or any type of detergent contain chemicals that erode the watch’s protective layer. Long term can reduce the waterproof ability of smartwatch.

These environments are where you should take your smartwatch away to avoid being affected by damage to internal components.


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