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Some changes on iOS 13 Public beta 2

iOS 13 Public beta 2 version has been officially launched, I have been able to download it in the early morning and have some time to experience new features and some minor changes.

Note: This update is similar to Developer beta 3, brothers in Developer stay in normal use.

For those you want Download and use the Public Beta version:

  • Access the link beta.apple.com (If you can't access it, wait a moment, currently the Apple server is overcrowded)
  • Log in to your Apple ID account
  • Agree to the terms of use
  • Switch to iOS tab, select "Enroll your iOS device"
  • Backup your iPhone, iPad into iTunes (not required but should do, anything is coming back)
  • Use iPhone, iPad to access beta.apple.com/profile link, download profile, accept
  • Go to Settings> you will see the private profile section and click Install
  • After installation is complete, go to Settings – General Settings (General) – Software Updates, check and wait for iOS Beta download.

Notice of Arcade gaming service

In the App Store there is an Arcade option on the bottom menu. This is just a preview of Arcade and not yet released. I am also looking forward to the official launch date so I can experience it because this is a very valuable game service and change the way we play mobile games so far (of course there is a fee).

Can adjust mouse pointer size

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Just like iPadOS, iOS 13 can use the mouse with the AssistiveTouch option in the Accessibility section. Now we can t or resize the mouse pointer to be more suitable because it was quite big and bad at first.

Come on in Settings (Settings)Accessibility (Accessibility) AssistiveTouch – pull down the bottom Cursor (Cursor).

I know no one will use the mouse on the iPhone to do but this is also a useful feature, similar to the Public beta 2 iPadOS that you can set the cursor as above.

Adjust eye look on FaceTime

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As I said earlier, this feature Apple relies on ARKit to simulate our eyes when calling FaceTime always looking straight (looking at the front camera direction). Usually before we call FaceTime for each other, feeling a little deflected because of the nature we look at the screen but no one is paying attention to the front camera.

Come on: Settings (Settings)FaceTime – Open the door Edit FaceTime notes (FaceTime Attention Correction).

Unfortunately, this feature is only available with Apple A12 chips on iPhone Xs / Xs Max / XR.

Scan NFC tags to adjust HomeKit.


A user on Twitter preview NFC touch feature to adjust lights based on HomeKit smart home solution. If you are using Apple's HomeKit, this is also a remarkable feature.
Memoji Stickers

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There are 2 more "Angry" and "Sad" expressions. We can use emotions from the Memoji that we created earlier to use as Sticker in messaging applications to create more fun and something "exclusive".

Share more:

  • Siri can now read messages to you via AirPods and you can reply to your commands, however Siri can only read English texts but not texting in Vietnam, it is not necessary to care about this feature. what.
  • About Battery I don't have many ideas, I think it still consumes battery as usual.
  • There is a hot situation when shooting the camera to remove the font
  • Temporarily heard the call is still normal

You can share more about iOS 13 at: Tinhte.vn/ios


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