Solomon Program – Konami dates its latest project in Japan

A little over a year ago, we shared with you the first information of Konami’s latest unseen project, a project that was to offer us the opportunity to breed monsters, befriend them and see them fight in strategic games… Basically, a Pokémon-like. If we will recognize that the form is not really what we expected (its principle based on a system closer to Dragon Quest Tact or Fire Emblem Heroes than to Pokémon), we should not be long in being able to make an opinion “Definitive” since Solomon Program will be released very soon… in Japan.

The following information comes from the Japanese magazine CoroCoro, the latter having in its last issue devoted an article to the Konami software and having been granted the benefit of exclusivity for the announcement of the release date (yes, curious that in the internet age, such things still exist…). The magazine reveals to us alongside information about the gameplay that Solomon Program will be released on Nintendo Switch on February 25 and the game will be completely free-to-play (with in-game purchases).

Other than that, little is known about the game. So no, Konami is not necessarily very quiet about its game in the land of the Rising Sun, but many points are still unknown. If we know that the gameplay will offer us to form teams of monsters and have them fight in closed and squared arenas (video demo below), that our bugs can be improved and merged with each other (like Monster Rancher or Persona) , it is still impossible for us to tell you if the software will push us to buy in-game or if a gacha will be in the game (point which could imply the confinement of the game in Japan or Asia only).

Having said that, if you have a Japanese e-Shop account, you will be able to test Solomon Program as of February 25. This title should remain exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. And now it’s time for images.


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