Social talk of social conversation 1: the social advantages of MMO games

We often say that MMO games are a strong social game type. Why do we say MMO is a strong social game? Where is the strength? What are the advantages? This is the key point to be sorted out today.

First of all, we must distinguish a concept, strong socialization and forced socialization. These are two relatively different definitions. Compulsory social games such as chess and card games such as Doudizhu, and MOBAs such as DOTA2 and LOL. The core rules of these competitive game design include Battle, so it is a compulsory social type game.

Strong social games are content that includes both independent experience and many social experience content. There are certain differences in it. In simple terms, it is similar to the types of Soto no Hama and Three Wars (Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition, omitted below). SLG, from the core content, is not mandatory social, but in fact, most of the players’[safety needs]and[physical needs]in the game are established through social interactions. It is difficult for players to have the motivation to experience it all the time. .

The same example can also be seen in the idle game “Ulala”. In the initial version of Ulala, players without team social lack the ability to push levels, which affects its core user experience. Of course, this kind of design also breeds another kind of social fun, which has become the core selling point of these games.

Finally, let’s look at MMO games. MMO games are strong social games. They contain a lot of social content and even compulsory social content. But on the whole, these social content does not completely affect the core experience (character development) of MMO games, but Amplify the core experience.

Therefore, the first important and clear point is that strong social interaction does not mean forced social interaction, and vice versa. Forced social interaction does not mean strong social interaction.

The above definition is only a brief description. I think there are four social advantages that define MMO

1. Have a physical scene
2. A virtual character with full cycle visualization
3. Have a lot of gameplay that can generate topics
4. Have a realistic social environment for individuals

Let’s talk about it separately.

1. The physical scene

The real world is a world we are very familiar with. Every place has its own unique content. There are high-rise buildings in the city center, flowers and trees in the park, turbulent waves in the sea, and birds and eagles in the sky.

The virtual scene in the game is limited by technical ability and theme design, and only part of the content will be incorporated into one scene. This kind of expression is different in different games.

In a card game, such a scene may be an original CG background painting. In a competitive game, such a scene may be the Canyon of Kings with multiple paths.

In MMO, just from the content, it can also be simplified to the scene of the Canyon of Kings. But the difference is that the scene in MMO can carry far more than 10 people.

Carrying capacity is the first attribute of the scene in the physical sense.

Generally, there will be multiple scenes in MMO, and each scene may carry hundreds or thousands of users. Although the front-end display will be optimized, in essence, players can easily link hundreds of other individuals in the scene.

In addition, there is a second physical meaning.

Whether it is the canyon in LOL or the ancient Chinese world map in the shore of Xitu, the player is looking at the whole world from the perspective of God, which is not in line with the reality.

In MMO, although most of them also use a 45° perspective of God, they only use the surroundings of the character as the visual range. This is the second physical attribute of the scene-the visual range.

The above two physical orientations give the MMO scene its own characteristics, which has a profound impact on the social interaction of MMOs.

2. Full-period visualized virtual fixed role

Full-period visual characters are the characteristics of MMO games and the reason for the physical meaning of the scene.

From the beginning of the MMO game, the role played by the player has always existed in the center of the screen. Whether in 3D or 2D, whether zoomed in or out, the character sprite is positioned in the middle, which greatly enhances the player’s sense of substitution.

This is my cute little flower XDDDDDD

This sense of substitution is the most important for MMO’s social interaction. (This sense of substitution is also very common in stand-alone games or novels. Recall why it is easier to integrate into the plot when experiencing stand-alone games?)

Depending on the project, some of the roles played by the players have simple background stories, some have nothing, and some have very comprehensive and complex settings, but the stories behind these will not affect the player’s empathy for the characters at all. Into. In fact, the role positioning of MMO users is basically their own ontology.

(There is a very interesting topic here. Now the two-dimensional card game likes to set a protagonist position, such as knife tower, captain, commander, etc., and set some protagonist inside story in the plot to enhance the player’s sense of substitution , But is this sense of substitution helpful to social interaction? From the current actual situation, it seems to have an effect on the external social positioning of the group, but the social effect on individual players is limited[The limited reason may be the difference in functional support and player attributes ]can it be extended?)

This virtual character is easy for players to put more effort into it. On the one hand, this is closely related to the development of the game experience. On the other hand, it is also caused by the “mutual feedback” brought about by social interaction.

When a player receives social feedback from other players through various gameplay methods that include social content, although the reception of this feedback is a virtual individual, it will essentially be passed on to the real individual. In order to be able to accept this feedback, sometimes the player ” I have to put my effort into it. However, what is interesting is that the actual player who is observing through vision does not actually perceive that the information is conveyed in two levels.

For example, in Guangyu, when a player accepts another player’s back movement, although it is not that he is being picked up, it is only the virtual character being picked up, but the inner feeling may be the same as the feeling of being picked up. It is consistent (the back movement in Guangyu is a high-value social currency).

This is not a back… Can’t find a back…

All the content above is just to illustrate how important visual virtual characters are for social interaction, not to mention the full-cycle visual characters in MMO.

For MMO players, the character is the incarnation of reality, the projection of himself in the virtual world, and the source of all actions.

Three, a large number of gameplay that can generate topics

What is the core gameplay of MMO? We can be said to be nurturing and socializing, but we cannot say that it is a certain type of combat mode. This is the characteristic of MMO-it contains a variety of fun gameplay combinations.

MMO contains many gameplay methods, which can easily occupy a lot of players’ time. Whether these gameplay methods are single-player experience or social interaction, they can be coupled with the MMO’s own system in various ways. Just imagine a scenario: your personality explodes after a single-player BOSS battle , Get a top-quality equipment, the system announcement will immediately notify the full server, if the trading bank is listed, it will be seen by players in the core circle, and other players in the guild will clamor for you to send it out to take a look, your friends in the game/ The master/partner will congratulate you for the first time, and it is more likely that your opponent has already begun to consider whether the arena should adjust his attributes.

The various systems of the MMO comprehensively lead to any content that can be spread out as a topic, and behind each gameplay, there are countless contents at all times.

In fact, thinking backwards, there may be such a logic: this is not the privilege of MMO. For every game that has been in operation for more than three years, there are many peripheral systems and gameplays, and the content output is equally diverse. However, without the aforementioned dimensions of scenes and characters, what type of game can achieve the social content advantages of MMO?

4. Realistic social environment

Compared with other types of games, MMOs based on physical scenes and full-period characters can simulate real social environments more.

The significance of the realistic social environment is that the player’s dependence on the virtual world will increase, which is one of the initial goals of social design.

Players can meet new friends through teamwork, deepen the relationship through chance encounters or chat, strengthen the relationship through various challenges, and strengthen the relationship perception through various relationship systems in the game.

Players can participate in the difficult dungeon attack together, or they can go shopping together leisurely. All of the above are based on the scene and the character can provide.

Let’s think about whether other types of games can also achieve realistic social environments? For example, the leisure area in the QQ Speed ​​mobile game is also based on the realistic social environment of scenes and characters, but its core gameplay and challenges cannot carry too much free-to-play social interaction, and it cannot be done only from the perspective of realistic reality. Is better than MMO.

The above four points are where the social advantages of MMO-type games lie, but not just based on the above four “advantage attributes”, MMO social can be done well, and whether it can do well depends on the specific design.

When we evaluate the social performance of Fantasy Westward Journey, the players in the strategic edition of the Three Kingdoms are unable to extricate themselves from indulging in social strategy. The social design is extremely interesting. There are obvious differences in the pursuit of social interaction between different groups of people. Here you can mention two new ones in advance. Concept-social range and social intensity.

Remember again next week~


After the Chinese New Year, my work has changed and I have made some new thinking about social interaction. Looking at the article written in 18 years, the thinking is not deep enough, the logic is not complete, and the method is not enough to implement. In short, it can be optimized.

Although the optimized framework has been completed, many things need to be stacked before they can be written more comprehensively and clearly. That’s why I have this article. In the future, I will do a few paragraphs with topic-style articles~

Finally, I will elaborate on why you want to do an MMO social advantage analysis. There are two reasons.

1. It is recognized that MMO social design is a main design. How can the social MMO be transferred to other types of games? This requires a clear understanding of the core advantages of MMO social.

2. It is generally believed that the social networking of SLGs of the kind or coklike type is also a strong point, so what are the similarities and differences between their social networking and MMO social networking? What is the difference in the essence of social interaction between the two? Analysis next week…

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