Last week, the social network got up with 3 gossip stories - Photo 2.

Social networks last week waved up with these 3 "goose bumps" stories

Every day, the internet gives us dozens of hot information. Many of them are shocking and strange news, even "cheeky" but still receive hundreds of thousands of likes and shares. For example, the three stories sucked below.

The woman licked the cream deliciously, but the action then shocked

Clip licking an objectionable cream of an American girl

The clip of this American girl has spread widely on Twitter, but it is accompanied by negative feedback from netizens. In order to see the view, this girl made an outrageous action: take a box of ice cream in the grocery store, open the lid and lick the cream inside, then put the ice cream box back in place.

She also said: "You can call it Flu Bell ice cream (temporarily: sick cream) right now, because I had a slight cold last week. Let's start the epidemic. ” This girl's challenging attitude has made the online community extremely angry and angry. Very soon after that, the "smart" girl was quickly touched. Police are investigating more closely about the incident.

But this is not the end. Her act of protest is now a trend of some bad Twitter accounts. Many people are willing to mimic that action and post the clip online to satisfy the famous dream.

Iron Man's "cousin" is appearing as a transporter

Last week, the social network got up with 3 gossip stories - Photo 3.

This is Iron Man in the movie behind-the-scenes pictures

Social network last week waved up with these 3 gossip stories - Photo 4.

The image above was taken at the Eu Tong Sen crossroads, not a backstage movie of some action movie. Perhaps the driver was inspired by Tony Stark, or the delivery service did not work that evening.

The giant ultra-high cabinet is located right on the seat of the Mercedes convertible. With its heavy size and weight, it's hard to fix this cabinet with the body. Hopefully, those traveling with this driver can return home in a healthy body.

Normal toothpaste is too boring, trend is now toothpaste Sichuan spicy hotpot

Last week, the social network got up with 3 gossip stories - Photo 5.

Those who are looking for a real start for the new day can refer to this product: Sichuan hotpot toothpaste.

There are three flavors that give you the choice: mild, medium and spicy spicy madness. This is a product combining a business of oral hygiene products and Sichuan spicy hotpot chain. Just a few days after its launch, this toothpaste was sold out in Chinese e-commerce stores.

Unknown after using this product, how will our breath smell?

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