Soap Cutting tops iOS game list in America

I believe that many people have pinched the bubble film in idle time. This extremely flexible feel and the crackling sound of bubble bursts were once the best way for many people to decompress.

Recently, “Soap Cutting” released by Crazy Labs has a similar purpose. This casual gameplay is purely for understanding the pressure. The player only needs to pick up the knife in his hand and cut it on the soap.

“Soap Cutting” quickly climbed to the top of the U.S. iOS game list after it was released during Christmas 2019.

Rotem Eldor, Crazy Labs game distribution manager, said: “When we first received a sample of the game produced by Firescore Interactive, we knew that the game would definitely be a big fire. Then, under the intense thought collision between the two teams, this highly potential The game is finally meeting the public during Christmas 2019. ”

Many people can’t help wondering why this game is so popular in the United States? Rotem Eldor, Crazy Labs game distribution manager responsible for the game’s distribution, uses Crazy Labs’ four-step principle to solve the mystery for game developers.

1.Popular gameplay and creativity

The concept of soap cutting is not new, as it hasn’t been short in the field of decompression (ASMR) games. So Crazy Labs’ efforts are not just to make the public aware of this innovative trend through social media, but how to make the game more valuable.

The original game prototype

In order for the player to get a real experience when cutting soap on the phone, sound, especially tactile sensation is essential, so you need to add real cutting sound and tactile effect in the game. After several versions of testing and elimination, the player is finally presented with a clicking sound when cutting the soap and the satisfaction of the vibration when the knife passes through the soap.

2, let players get the ultimate gaming experience

Like other hyper-casual games, developers need to let players know what the game is about in the first three seconds. During the collaboration, Crazy Labs continuously emphasized the important role of game names and icons. The end result shows that there is a simpler and more understandable name than “cutting soap”?

“Soap Cutting” game icon

However, the original user interface of the game still did not meet the expectations of players. To design an irresistible stress-relief game, Crazy Labs’ UI team worked with Firescore to finally give players a more textured and comfortable visual effect.

Changes in the Soap Cutting game user interface

3. “One Finger Zen” is taking the world by storm

“Soap Cutting” is extremely simple to play and can be controlled with just one finger. For players, the only challenge is how to remove all soap shavings before cutting a layer of soap, because only a clean soap surface can be exposed to cut the next layer.

“Soap Cutting” Game Showcase Level One

4. Zen level design

The busy rhythm of life makes people tired, but in the world of “Soap Cutting”, there is no failure and no risk. Most importantly, this game is intended to create a blank, by repeatedly repeating the cutting action, until you find a surprise hidden in the soap.

Curiosity is human nature. When the player discovers the secret hidden in the soap at the end of the first level, the curiosity will expand infinitely and can’t wait to go to the next level. Perhaps this also explains why the game topped the list during Christmas.

In order to increase player interest, Crazy Labs also added “mysterious boxes” and “tool library” in later games to make players full of surprises and keep returning to the game.

“Mysterious Box” in Soap Cutting

“Firescore Interactive (Pocket League) is a professional team. Crazy Labs is committed to fostering outstanding independent game developers and making them more focused on product development through financial support. In the cooperation of the two teams, we continue to improve Products, tried different directions and tested various games, and the works finally appeared on the top of the free iOS game list during Christmas 2019. We look forward to deeper cooperation between the two teams to bring better works to the industry. “

In addition to product-level running-in and improvement, during the trial release, Crazy Labs continuously tested and improved the game. The following is the key data of Soap Cutting at different stages.

First trial release

There are not many types of soap used in this version, and many levels are reused. Although the test retention results were less than ideal, the lower CPI provided the basis for future development.

Second trial release

This version adds significant effects to the variety of soaps. Obviously, this game has a chance to succeed through its rich core content.

Third trial release

This version includes some additional features around the core elements, such as different tool types and mysterious boxes. With the improvement of the game user interface, the retention of this game has improved significantly.

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