The most advanced Mac Pro has 1.5TB of RAM: What is the RAM used for? - Photo 1.

It took six years since the opening of the "trash bin" in 2013, and this year, Apple renewed the Mac Pro – the company's most powerful computer. Although the starting price version (6000 USD) only offers a configuration quite close to a regular computer (Xeon 8 core, 32GB RAM, Radeon Pro 850X card), the "max configuration" version of Mac Pro 2019 can support 28-core chip, dual GPU graphics card (2 GPU Vega II integrated on one circuit board) and … 1.5TB RAM.

The purpose of a powerful multi-core chip or graphics card is clear – you can use it to handle AI, run virtual machines, render videos and, of course, play games. But who needs 1.5TB of RAM, when 10 Chrome tabs only take up 1GB of RAM?

Here is the answer.

Video editing / 3D rendering

In studio environment, 1.5TB RAM is not too much.

Steve Jobs played an important role in Pixar's formation process: he was even a producer on the film Toy Story. All of the movies in this studio's history require extremely large rendering power (even running on a server "repository"). With 1.5TB RAM, the Mac Pro will serve very well for this purpose – especially for "artists" who don't work in large companies.

For example, Adobe Premiere Pro requires at least 256GB of RAM to be able to edit videos at 8K resolution. If you run more Photoshop, you can spend a few dozen more RAM. In the process, few people just run a program at the same time, and so using 1.5TB of RAM in a studio environment is not an unthinkable.

Build a business report

The most advanced Mac Pro has 1.5TB of RAM: What is the RAM used for? - Photo 2.

Data is aggregated directly from RAM instead of HDD / SSD.

You may have once held a report on sales, sales or expenses of your business / department. The idea is simple, but it is possible that the IT room may have to install a hundreds of gigabytes of RAM to summarize the report.

The reason is simple: each company can have hundreds of partners, thousands of employees, dozens of branches … In other words, they have a lot of different data sources. Reports should also be calculated by area, by partner, by warehouse; sometimes is in real time. Storing and compiling (calculating) these data sources on a mechanical hard drive or even an SSD is still not enough, the only salvage left is to save to RAM.

In fact, this task is usually left to the server in the data center or in the cloud. But Macbook is also used as a server, 1.5TB of Mac Pro for this purpose is still too much.

Run research model

The most advanced Mac Pro has 1.5TB of RAM: What is the RAM used for? - Photo 3.

Scientific researchers will not be unfamiliar with computers with terabyte of RAM

The amount of data required to study weather, geology, quantum physics or any other field of science can easily reach a few thousand TB. You also can't handle research data from hard drives or SSDs but have to put them directly on RAM, because simply because time is money: computers handle, doctors have to wait. Their salary is about ten thousand dollars each month: while they have to wait, this salary is considered to be useless by the company / organization, they themselves are also uncomfortable because of waiting.

Why not spend a few thousand dollars buying a terrible RAM machine to speed up the results and keep these PhDs happy?

Coder Dream: Run a series of virtual machines / app servers at the same time

The most advanced Mac Pro has 1.5TB of RAM: What is the RAM used for? - Photo 4.

If you buy a new Mac Pro, Google can simulate more than 100 Galaxy S10 + at the same time!

Each virtual machine can serve a different purpose, such as a machine used to store the database (database), a machine to run JAVA applications, another virtual machine also to run JAVA … Even if the virtual machine does not use up all the RAM allocated, the entire amount of RAM of the virtual machine cannot be used for any other purpose. Having 1.5TB RAM will be the dream of the coder, because they can install numerous virtual machines, or simply install the server software itself to run directly with the code editing software like Visual Studio or Eclipse.

In fact, Macs and MacBooks are the preferred system of many coder, including Google: instructions for programming Android apps on Android Studio are used by Google to work. If you bought the new 1.5TB Mac Pro, Google programmers can both run Android Studio, have just opened 100 Chrome tabs and emulated 120 Galaxy S10 Plus (12GB) running at the same time … Interesting?

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