Snyder’s Justice League will last… 4 hours!

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Director Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ was confirmed to be a 4-hour mini series on HBO Max, and divided into four segments.

‘Justice League’ was confirmed to be divided into 4 sub-sections

‘Justice League’ on HBO Max will be released as a 4-part mini-series, with one hour each. After fans struggling to see the Justice League version of Snyder for a long time, they were satisfied this past May.

Almost three years later, Snyder’s build came to fruition, and fans just got a glimpse of the first trailer for this one. Although it has taken place, but there are still many details surrounding it that are still unclear.

Zack Snyder’s version of ‘Justice League’ will be extremely different from the 2017 version

One of the biggest questions about the Snyder Cut is exactly how it will be released. While the project was originally conceived as a single feature film, the release of Snyder’s version on HBO Max implies that he will want it to be released as a miniseries with opening twists between seasons. And that’s exactly what is happening.

The 4-hour window will bring the full story to the ‘Justice League’

One of the main benefits of releasing on HBO Max, is that the length of the film is not an issue as it is being released on a television service rather than in theaters. The longer the movie, the lesser it will screen each day, which will limit the amount of money the movie can earn at the box office.


With this format, Snyder has maximum creative freedom, fulfilling his promise of not compromising but introducing his correct version of Justice League. As far as the version Snyder wants to offer fans, it seems that releasing on HBO Max this length will give him the ability to tell the full story. Ideally, there is no need to change character arcs or plot rhythms, allowing things to fully develop.

With 4 hours, many of the ‘Justice League’ stories will be told in full

The remaining problem with Snyder Cut is that it will be released weekly or at the same time. According to Snyder’s suggestion, he would want to create more dialogue and hypotheses about what happens next. So, a partial release seems more reasonable.

That strategy was also quite effective when Disney + released ‘The Mandalorian’ – sparking a dialogue for a long time as the film aired. HBO Max certainly hopes ‘Justice League’ will do a good job for them too, so going in that direction is not surprising.

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