Snow flakes in Nepal, many people missing

An avalanche has just happened on a famous climbing route in Nepal, leaving at least 4 Koreans and three Nepalese guides missing.

Snow flakes in Nepal, many people missing

An official from a Nepal travel agency called Meera Acharya today (January 18) said at least one Chinese citizen was injured by the avalanche, but he was rescued by helicopter.

The avalanche occurred along the popular climbing route of Annapurna, surrounding Mount Annapurna.

According to the official, every effort has been made to save others. So far, rescuers have pulled 30 climbers trapped in the snow and brought them to safety.

Bad weather and lower temperatures in the past two days have made life harder.

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry said the avalanche occurred at an altitude of 3,230m, before yesterday afternoon (January 17). The ministry said five South Koreans in the climbing team were missing, currently safe and finding shelter.

The missing people, including two women in their 30s and 50s, and two men in their 50s, are teachers now volunteering in Nepal.

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