Snapping your fingers is bad

Snapping your fingers is bad

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Many people have the habit of snapping fingers and other parts of the body throughout the day. While some treat this as something quite normal, others may be bothered by the noises that the cracking of the joints can make. More than the sound, there are also those who worry about the effects that this can have on the joints.

  • Risks of snapping fingers

  • Popping thickens fingers

  • How to stop snapping your fingers

  • Finger snapping alone

  • Cracking the neck is bad

Risks of snapping fingers

About a year ago, a study by the University of Alberta, Canada, practically ended the discussion about the possible risks of snapping the fingers. And the conclusion of the scientists is that it does not bring any damage to the joints. The crack – and the sound associated with it – occurs because the separation of the joints (by pulling a finger, for example) creates a “vacuum bubble” in the synovial fluid, the lubricating substance of the joints, and the explosion of this bubble causes the characteristic noise of the snap.

Popping thickens fingers

The fingers become thicker due to the cracking is another possibility that science has refuted in recent studies. There is no accumulation of any substance in the synovial fluid or in the joints that could indicate the thickening of the fingers in people who are in the habit of snapping them.

How to stop snapping your fingers

Snapping the fingers is, as I said earlier, a habit of some people and, like every habit, can be stopped with behavioral therapy techniques. However, sometimes people snap their fingers when they are experiencing stress and anxiety. In these cases, the correct thing is to combat the cause of the problem and not its consequence.

Finger snapping alone

Fingers can crack themselves when they suffer what is called trigger finger. In general, this condition affects the thumb or ring and is characterized by inflammation in the flexor tendon of the finger, which has reduced movements and loses the ability to stretch completely. On that occasion, when the patient tries to extend it as far as possible, the finger snaps and hurts. When you notice this combination of symptoms, see a specialist doctor.

Cracking the neck is bad

Occasional crackles in the neck are as normal as the snap of the fingers. However, necks that crack too much can indicate excessive mobility of your joints and risk of misalignment. The ideal is to seek advice from a chiropractor in these cases.

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