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Snapdragon 215 officially launched: A "kick" for cheap smartphone market

Qualcomm recently introduced Snapdragon 215 processor for low-cost smartphones with many powerful upgrades compared to its predecessor.

This is an upgrade of Snapdragon 212 with 64-bit CPU, faster GPU and dual camera support. However, this processor line is still produced based on the old 28nm process.

The highlight on the Snapdragon 215 is that it has four Cortex-A53 cores running at 1.3 GHz, which the manufacturer claims is 50% faster than the four A7 cores of the Snapdragon 212. However, Because the Snapdragon 215 is a 64-bit processor, it is only compatible with new Android versions.

The GPU used on the Snapdragon 215 is the Adreno 308 – which delivers 28% higher performance than the Snapdragon 212. This is also the GPU used on Snapdragon 425 processor line.

Not stopping there, Snapdragon 215 also supports dual cameras. This processor can support a 13MP camera or two 8MP resolution cameras with 1080p video recording capability.

Snapdragon 215 only supports a maximum screen resolution of 720p, but manufacturers can use a high frame rate display such as 19: 9 (Snapdragon 212 only supports 16: 9 frames). .

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In addition, the Snapdragon 215 also has some connectivity enhancements such as additional Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 4.2. The chip also supports dual VoLTE voice calls and EVS (Ultra Ultra HD Voice voice call).

Overall, the Snapdragon 215 is a shortened version of Snapdragon 425. The processor will help smartphones with prices under $ 100 to support many new technologies and also more suitable for modern design trends.

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