Smooth skin on photos with PicsArt in computers, Windows 10 laptops

Smooth skin on photos with PicsArt in computers, Windows 10 laptops

How to smooth skin, beautify the skin in pictures with PicsArt on your computer, Laptop using Windows 10 will help you have a beautiful, smooth skin. No need for Photoshop photo editing software, just with PicsArt easily installed on Windows 10, you will have a perfect skin before sharing on social networks.

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PicsArt is a well-known photo editing application on today’s smart mobile phone operating systems, and with PicsArt on our computer we can freely create, make pictures pleasing and artistic. your own way. Like PicsArt, PhotoScape or Photoshop are all software that support users to edit photos through simple and convenient operations.

2 min in the world in picsart

PhotoScape is a small photo editing software suitable for those who do not know the depth of photo editing on professional software, in addition, PhotoScape also supports creating funny, lovely animations. , see how create animations using photoscape to know how. Also in the article below, ElectrodealPro will guide you how to smooth skin with Picsart right on your Windows 10 computer.

Instructions for smoothing skin with PicsArt

First you need to install PicsArt on your computer.

You can download PicsArt here: Download PicsArt

For Android device: Download PicsArt for Android

For iOS device: Download PicsArt for iPhone

For WinPhone device: Download PicsArt for Windows Phone

Step 1: Start PicArt once the installation is complete

2 min in the world in picsart

Step 2: On the program interface, we choose Edit.

Beautiful girl in picsart in picsart

Step 3: To choose a photo to edit, we click on the photo frame icon on the screen

Beautiful girl in picsart in picsart

Step 4: After selecting the image to edit, we choose Effect

Cute teen girl in picsart in picsart

Step 5: Here we choose the function Currentions from the arrow icon in the left corner of the screen

How to make a photo album in picsart

Step 6: We choose the function Facefix in the function bar at the bottom of the screen

Cute teen girl in picsart in picsart

Step 7: Here we adjust the parameters that will be used to smooth the face, Then click the settings icon in the frame to hide the adjustment panel.

How to make a cut meme in picsart

Step 8: Here we will use the mouse to click on the areas of the face to smooth the skin, and here are the results

How to make a picture in picsart in picsart

Click the (v) icon in the right corner of the screen to confirm that the editing is complete.

Step 9: Click the icon Save at the top to save the finished edited image

5 min Korean girl in swimsuit with her boobs

So we have smooth skin with Picsart already quickly. In addition you can also refer to the article Photo background separation on PicsArt Phone for efficient use of Picsart on phones.

Like PicsArt, Photoshop software on your computer also supports many diverse and interesting photo editing features that readers can refer to. With this photo editing software, you can easily change hair color in Photoshop to make the character image more unique.

Or if you want to create a blurred background frame behind as you like, simply follow the instructions in the article on how to blur photos in Photoshop.
Using Picsart on iphone, you can see how Skin smoothing with Pisart on iPhone To get the best photos with smooth skin, help you confidently share on social networks.


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