Smoking during pregnancy: prevention is neglected

Smoking during pregnancy: prevention is neglected

During the Infogyn 2018 congress, Cathy Meier, a midwife and tobacco specialist at the Pau hospital center, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, estimated that the smoking prevention was still too much neglected in pregnant women. More than half of expectant mothers surveyed say they have not received any advice to reduce their consumption.

Tobacco: what harm to the fetus?

A single cigarette smoked by a pregnant woman is enough to cause hypoxia in the fetus and an increased heart rate.

Smoking cessation: first benefit after 8 hours

Almost no pregnant woman who smokes knows that stopping smoking has immediate benefit. After eight hours, the risk of fetal death is already reduced. After 48 hours, the oxygenation of the fetus normalizes, the baby moves more.

Pregnant woman: how to stop smoking?

Ideally, it is necessary quit smoking before you get pregnant, and the doctor must closely monitor his patient because there is 60% of relapses after childbirth. Many pregnant women arrive at their first consultation saying that they do not smoke, without specifying that they have quit a short time ago.

The main risks of relapse are at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, when the nausea has passed, and during the last month due to the stress of childbirth.

We can promote smoking cessation in pregnant women by offering them, if they are very stressed, to gradually reduce their consumption, and at the same time work on their self-confidence. If this is not enough, we can resort to 16 hour patches rather than 24 hour ones.

On the other hand, oral sprays, too strong in flavor, and electronic cigarettes should be avoided.

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